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This name Staphylococcus is a Greek word staphyle, meaning a€?bunch of grapesa€?, and kokkos, meaning a€?berrya€?, for this is what staph appears like under the microscope, a a€?bunch of grapesa€? or a€?round little berriesa€?. Staph infections of the skin normally cause localized collections of pus, which are known as boils, abscesses, or furuncles. Staph infections of the skin can also develop to impetigo which is a crusting of the skin or cellulitis which is inflammation of the connective tissue under the skin.
When this bacterium enters the blood system and migrates to other organs, numerous severe infections can develop. Staphylococcal pneumonia primarily affects those individuals with underlying diseases of the lungs and can lead to formations of abscess in the lungs. Staph food poisoning is an illness involving the intestines and causes vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and especially dehydration. Another illness caused by the toxins of Staph aureus is a€?toxic shock syndromea€? where the bacteria develop under conditions which have no or little oxygen.

There are approximately 30 different variety of staph which can infect humans, but most of the infections are caused by Staphylococcus aureus. Staph infections can be as minor as a boil to infections which are antibiotic-resistant to infections which are flesh eating. In approximately half of the cases, however, resistance is seen with all antibiotics even the stronger ones. A staph infection is infectious when the lesion is draining or weeping and if individuals share towels or further personal items that can be contaminated. If a sore develops unusually red or painful, the individual must get medical attention immediately. This website is for informational purposes only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 10 home remedies rid acne pimples dark, Best home remedies and face packs that will help you to recover the toughest pimplesand helps in lightening the darkest are the10 best home remedies to get.

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