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Acne is just a cosmetic defect, they say, but oh how it scars our hearts and souls forever. People also say that eyes are windows to our souls but what if those windows are on an ugly and unhealthy canvas? What if when somebody comes really close to us wanting intimacy, we automatically imagine them steering at our spots and take a step back?
Sometimes I think that I failed to make many meaningful and close friendships as I was growing up because I was always taking those steps back and subconsciously pushing away people that were close to me. I was one of those girls who go out to throw away rubbish wearing foundation, concealer and all that jazz. So grab yourself a cup of herbal tea, sit back and enjoy my story with a very happy ending.
The dermatologist performed a facial, removed the milia and prescribed a cream with strong glycolic acid – that was it, the beginning of my acne troubles.
Start working for a luxury department store and get access to discounted high-end skincare brands. Scared off any oils, I go back to oil-free cleanser and start trying out various spot treatments: Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy, Origins Spot Remover, Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, etc. Thinking that maybe it was the eucalyptus oil and cocoa butter in the Liz Earle cleanser, I try the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) for the first time.
I go on holiday and eat a lot of flour-based meals, as well as drink a lot of beer (which is based on wheat) – my breakouts are worse than ever but I am still not making the link. I start researching again and find a Chinese ointment that seems to have cured a lot of people’s acne by killing the mites.
Around this time, I read about the influence of foods and start limiting my sugar intake but don’t limit carbs or fruit. I read that BHA acids could unclog pores, so I find Paula’s Choice products and order a lot of them.
My skin gets so dry that I realize it’s time to nourish it a bit, so I stop washing it and start moisturizing it exclusively with oils. I try some French pharmacy brands, La Roche-Posay (the famous Effaclar K and Effaclar Duo) and Vichy Normaderm to be precise.
I realize that gel cleansers are drying out my skin too much, so I start using Caudalie’s Gentle Cleansing Milk. Paleo diet is not a diet, it is a lifestyle, so I go on a quest to make all aspects of my life Paleo friendly. If anybody had told me a couple of years ago that I would be happily walking around with a makeup free face and I would be proud of my skin, I would have laughed at them and probably would have slapped them on their face.
Misty – I think baking soda is great for a lot of people but I find it a bit too harsh and drying. Thanks for sharing your journey – I’m glad you found something that worked for you! Brittany – tea tree oil is great for most people but for me it causes excessive dryness. I used to have acne really bad as a teen and nothing was working and I didn’t really think of trying natural approaches. I have noticed that there are many people struggling with acne marks and scars and so I thought I’d share a solution for getting rid of acne and acne scars that I kind of put together for myself. I have included a couple of snaps here to show you what I looked like before and after starting my remedy.
This snap was taken when I was going through my second bout of acne or my adult acne at the beginning of this year.
For internal skin repair (dark spots, uneven skin tone) I started taking 2 capsules of Seven Seas cod liver oil and 1 capsule of Evion Vit E (400mg) daily.
The salicylic acid in the face wash is a kind of non-abrasive exfolliant which cleans out the pores.

Moisturiser is necessary for your skin even if it is oily or acne-prone because those pimples are not formed ONLY from the excess sebum.
Sunscreen made its way into my skincare routine at the same time that I started the solution described above.
I’m sure you all know this tip but I’ll repeat it anyway because it is so vital: don’t pick at pimples or at the scabs left after the pimple has burst. First i need to take 2 capsules of sevven sea cod capsule and 2 capsules of vit e every day and clean up my face wid a acne fighting face wash.. As for skipping the vit e, that will be of no use since the vit e helps the cod liver oil to work and vice versa. In the next five weeks I will talk about the main causes of acne, six key mistakes I made, my tips for getting clear skin, and, finally, my complete morning and evening skincare routine.
That’s why I never put my makeup in the hold luggage, I had to have it with me at all times.
I had perfect porcelain skin until my mum decided to take me to a dermatologist for a couple of milia under the eyes.
I read somewhere about Dermalogica’s Pre-cleanse Oil and decide to give their line a try. At this point, it’s costing me hundreds of pounds but everything is worth it if only it works.
I find a local aromatherapy store – they sell a bottle of natural oils that claim to kill demodex.
I cleanse my skin with Bioderma’s sensitive micellar water and then apply a few drops of oil.
I decide to go for the natural birth control based on fertility awareness, and, as an unexpected surprise, my skin clears up completely.
In my case, I think the main culprit was sugar – and not just conventional white sugar, but also pasta, rice, any grains, fruit, etc. I luckily haven’t suffered from bad acne, but I am 29 and just recently stopped having crazy breakouts that make me feel like a teenager. Feeling that you aren’t alone in your desperate experience is definitely important for acne sufferers.
I have a friend who is cutting out foods that she thinks may cause her acne, but it is a hard and long road to figure out what causes it. I’ve circled the marks in the second snap since this is not a good quality snap and you may not be able to distinguish the marks easily. It removes the dead skin and sebum (oil secreted by the skin) which cause whiteheads and pimples. This is especially the case if you’re already using a drying facewash like a scrub or one with salicylic acid (which is an exfolliant). However, I do recommend going at least twice a month initially until all your whiteheads and blackheads have reduced significantly. This is because I realised that I was not really giving my skin a chance to recover if I kept exposing it to harsh sunlight that would damage it further every time I went out. Find one that has a high SPF and that is oil-free or at least light in texture. And lastly, lots of water, a good amount of sleep, limited intake (not absence) of oily food are all obvious parts of any acne-fighting routine. If you have a persistent problem with acne, yes, it might be better for you to use both, the vitamins as well as the salycylic acid face wash for the first few months.
Just check that the tocopherol acetate is the d-alpha tocopherol acetate (or has RRR before the compound name) and not dl-alpha tocopherol acetate (may have all’rac before the compound name). Really speaking most cod liver oil is processed in such a way that the natural vits get removed. But it works for me and I always buy the one sold by Merck and not the one by Universal Medicare (Seacod). Well, when your skin is so dry, flaky and irritated, covering up in most cases can only make you look worse.

It does make my skin more comfortable and nourished than ever but I am still getting a lot of spots.
I think when it is the right thing for you, you should definitely follow your heart (and your body) and jump straight in. I’ve also changed my eating and lifestyle habits and have tossed chemically laden foods and products and my skin has really cleared up since. Then at the age of 30, I suffered from another bout of acne leaving me with a few more scars. As you can imagine, I did not appreciate having a face that looked like the surface of the moon – pits, dark spots and all. I also have Clean & Clear Morning Burst which is another face wash suitable for oily skin that contains salicylic acid.
More dry skin means more dead skin getting into your pores and mixing with the sebum to create whiteheads and pimples. The cleansers that help acne tend to be drying so you need to replenish the moisture (NOT the oil) lost during cleansing. Once the acne has cleared, you could move to a mild, non-soap face wash preferably containing neem. Never go above a tablespoonful and if you are pregnant or have low blood pressure consult with your doctor before taking cod liver oil.
I was covering up my acne for 12 years, and no one apart from my family and husband ever saw me without makeup. I have the worst skin ever, and I also start getting massive cystic acne for the first time. I set about doing some research on the Internet about how to get rid of these vestiges of my teen and adult acne.
And now, in the 3rd month since I started this routine, even the stubborn ones are fading away. However, those with acne-prone skin have sebum glands that work overtime and so these people need a little outside help.
Some that seem to retain the natural vits in the oil are Garden Of Life cod liver oil, Blue Ice, Dr.
Sometimes I even think it would be easier if I just died rather than living my whole life like this. The solution I came up with did not remove the pitting to any great extent, but it certainly stopped the pimples, almost completely cleared the dark spots and improved the overall texture of my facial skin.
However, I would like to point out that the poor quality of the first snap should have blurred my scars and made me look better :-), whereas the high definition of the second snap should have made all my spots painfully obvious. If you don’t follow this step, all the other steps in this skincare routine are rendered useless. In spite of this, you will see that my face in the second snap looks considerably better than that in the first snap.
Basically, these 2 vitamins reduce the scars and improve the texture and appearance of your skin. I spend hours applying all kinds of products on my skin, hide fanatically from the sun, want to cry from all this burning and itching, and yet at any time I have at least 20 active pimples on my face.
If you have issues with consuming cod liver oil capsules, the above-mentioned website suggests intake of certain quantities of butter or palm oil.

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