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Some scars heal within a few weeks but others may take longer due to the severity of the case. Ice pick acne marks, Deep acne marks, and Depressed fibrotic acne marks Given below are 5 valuable tips on how to get rid of acne marks. How to Get Rid of Acne Marks Massage the Affected Area with Honey Honey has natural healing properties and thus helps your scarred skin to heal faster. Skin care products that contain high content of benzoyl peroxide are harmful to the skin of black people.
Yogurt and milk have long been used in face cleansing and these are devoid of any harsh strong ingredients. Because black skin is excessively dry and rough, using high-quality moisturizing products are vital for their health and natural glow. I totally disagree that black people skin is dry and rough… where did you get that from? It dries the skin and also causes irritation and discoloration, which are highly visible in darker skin. Vitamin E oil and cocoa butter are ideal to make sure you skin does not suffer from discoloration problems.
Apply Lemon Juice on Acne Marks One of the most effective ways to get rid of acne marks at home is to apply lemon juice on the acne marks. So, it is highly important to avoid such harsh products and chemicals that can make condition worse and trigger the problem.
Apply generous amount of topical lightening lotion or cream on the skin to diminish darker spots. Regular application of honey on acne affected skin helps in tightening skin and also improves your complexion. Also Read Home Remedies For Acne OTC Acne Treatment For Teen Males Foods That Cause Acne Natural Ways To Prevent Acne 6 Tips To Get Rid of Acne Wash your face with cool water after the juice has dried up. These methods have been used by millions of teenagers and adults alike with varying degrees of success. Apply a thick layer before going outdoors and even on rainy or cloudy days ,early morning and to handle acne in young girl.

Drink Herbal Water Regular intake of herbal water is an excellent way to get rid of acne marks.
If the concentrated lemon juice causes irritation then adding a small quantity of rose water will eliminate this problem. Vitamin C present in lemon helps in boosting cell renewal and this results in the acne marks disappearing within one or two months.
Apply a Paste of Camphor Powder and Coconut Oil Mix a small quantity of camphor powder with coconut oil and apply this mixture on your acne marks. Leave it on your skin for a few minutes and then wash it off with cool water. Repeat this remedy three times a week until the acne marks clear off. The oil that is secreted from the oil gland serves to remove old skin cells and keep skin soft.Acne occurs when too much oil is secreted and clogs the pore. This blockage is called a comedone or plug.  If the top of the plug is white, it’s called a whitehead. Consider Laser Skin Resurfacing Method In order to get rid of acne marks, you can also opt for laser skin resurfacing method. Acne that occurs deep in the skin causes hard, painful cysts called cystic acne.Acne most commonly appears on the face. However, those with more severe cases of acne can see outbreaks on their chest, back, arms, legs, and even on their buttocks. It was commonly thought that things such as chocolate, nuts, and greasy foods caused acne, but those theories have been debunked. Commercials inundate viewers with promises of clean and clear skin, whether from over the counter drugs, by-order only drugs, or prescription medications. Although no one has found a way to completely remove acne permanently, people have discovered several remedies for acne flare-ups. When you touch your face, you transfer the natural oils from your fingers and hands onto your face. In addition, any grease, grime, dirt, and germs that your hands have picked up also end up on your face.
Use a soft cloth and a gentle soap or cleanser to wash away the dirt, grime, cigarette smoke, and air pollution from your face.

Make sure that you wear clothes that aren’t too tight, and if you wear gear, make sure that the straps aren’t too tight for too long. Salicylic acid doesn’t treat acne, but it does help to remove the outermost layer of your skin, which is comprised of dead skin cells.
Check out your Cosmetics. If you notice that you have more breakouts when wearing a particular brand of cosmetics, you might want to switch to a brand that is “oil-free” or “noncomedogenic”. Not much is harder on your skin than a layer of makeup that remains on your face overnight.9.
If the previous tips haven’t helped you to get rid of acne, ask your doctor if an antibiotic prescription could help.
Also, antibiotics make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, so take care to put sunblock on if going outside.10. If you’re a woman, you should talk with your doctor to see if taking a birth control pill could help your skin to clear up. Manage your stress. When you have stress, your body produces sebum, the oil that is secreted in your pores.
When you don’t manage your stress well, your body produces extra sebum, which could cause an acne flare up.12. Lower-intensity lights, such as blue, red, green-yellow or a combination of those is applied through a “light stick” at a doctor’s office.
These programs diverge from mainstream medical practices by introducing new ideas for getting rid of acne. Read our review of Acne No More, or check out their official website.Try some of these strategies.

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