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Acne scars can cause the skin to appear discolored and uneven months after the acne blemishes have cleared up. Honey is a natural antibiotic and since acne is caused by bacteria it is a natural ingredient to use in face masks to both treat and prevent pimples. Mixing honey with olive oil softens and loosens scarred skin, which helps it to become dislodged and sloughed away. Exfoliating scarred skin buffs away the dead, discolored cells that cause the scars to seem darker than the surrounding skin. When honey is combined with lemon juice, it will not only slough off dead, scarred skin but will lighten and brighten the skin as well.

You can put a bit of honey (mixed with cinnamon if you prefer) directly onto each pimple or spread it onto your entire face if you have a bad case. It can be difficult to fully remove the discolored areas of skin caused by acne breakouts, but applying honey treatments can significantly diminish the appearance of acne scarring.
This is because lemon juice contains vitamin C, which helps remove old skin cells while building new skin cells. Spread a hot, steaming washcloth onto your face, which will loosen the scarred skin even more.
Massage the paste onto moist skin using deep pressure and circular movements with the fingers.

Smooth the mixture onto clean skin; allow the mixture to sit on the skin for at least 10 minutes, then rinse the mask off using warm water.

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