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Toothaches can be downright debilitating, causing so much pain that you cannot eat, drink or talk. Step 6Soak a new cotton ball with clove oil and apply it to the tooth if the pain persists. Step 7Fill a medicine dropper with vanilla extract for an alternative method for relieving toothache pain. Avoid using clove oil during pregnancy or breast feeding without the permission of your doctor. Fresh garlic is known to be natural antiseptic and very effective in eliminating teeth pain. Alternatively you can also rub ice between the area of your thumb and forefinger for couple of minutes.
Prepare a paste by mixing 2 teaspoon activated charcoal powder with adequate amount of water. It is almost always necessary to see a dentist when you get a toothache as the cause is likely a cavity, tooth decay, gum disease or an abscess.
Continue switching the cotton balls with new ones every hour for as long as needed for pain relief.
Place two to three drops of the vanilla directly onto the sore tooth to instantly decrease the pain.

Rub an ice cube on the fleshy part of skin between the thumb and forefinger for several minutes.
Bacteria present in mouth result in the formation of plaques which stick to the teeth and eventually leads to the formation of acids.
Other common toothache causes are tooth abscess, gum disease, aggravated tooth root, cracked tooth, and a teeth condition known as ‘temporomandibular joint’ that generally have an effect on the jaws. If you get a toothache its better to fight them with simple and effective toothache remedies which are better and safer than ‘over-the-counter’ medications. A common factor of toothache is an infection, and the chemical ‘Allicin’ in garlic act as antibiotic. It exhibit ‘antimicrobial activity’ that work against the food-borne ‘pathogens’ which actually cause the tooth decay.
Clove oil, if taken orally in large doses may cause sore throat, vomiting, seizure, kidney failure, difficulty in breathing or even liver damage. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
If you cannot get in immediately to see a dentist, try treating your toothache at home to relieve the pain. The idea is that the ice overwhelms the pain impulses that normally travel along the pathways to the nerves, thereby eliminating pain in the tooth.

Regular use of the juice prevents tooth decay, removes toxins from gums and even controls the growth of bacteria. It works excellent against the aggravated teeth sensitiveness and provides a natural toothache treatment. It eases the toothache by overpowering the pain impulses that travel through nerve pathways.
Brush your teeth, recommended two times a day, to remove the morsels that stick between your teeth. Pregnant women, children, people with liver or kidney disease, bleeding disorders or diabetes should refrain from using clove oil.
This is a good practice of oral hygiene following which can never give rise to any tooth pain.
If the problem persist or if you face severe pain again after some days, always consult a dentist to find the root cause of your problem. A tooth pain caused by cavities can be completely removed by brushing gently with fluoride toothpaste.

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