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How to get rid of a cold sore fast – health tips watch, Cold sores are unsightly and embarrassing, not to mention often painful.
There are lots of kinds of fungus in this world and they can affect humans in different ways. Quick fix: anti-fungal cream There are many, many kinds of over-the-counter anti-fungal creams, lotions, and similar products. There are many, many, many issues that can plague skin, and many forms of fungal infections, and I’ll only bore you with a few of them here.
From the biopsy they know it is not: cancer, fungus (such as Tinea versicolor), autoimmune, sun damage or hypo-pigmentation (such as Vitiligo). Combined with the Sanifeet Solution (sold separately) and used on a regular basis, you will promote healthy, odor free feet.
By the time people realize they have a fungal infection in their toenails, it’s usually too late. Lukanka (Bulgarian Cyrillic: Луканка) is a Bulgarian (sometimes spicy) salami unique to Bulgarian cuisine.
Ageratina (Snakeroot) is a genus of about 250–290 perennials and rounded shrubs in the sunflower family (Asteraceae). No need to watch this vid if you dont have athletes foot or tinea or whatever its called ^^ I had some type of athletes foot on my foot for a few years..
Common Cold affects everyone, regardless of the age, race, sex, weight, height, eating habits, geographic location, political orientation,  social status, or religion.
You would think, humankind by now learned what Common Cold is and how to effectively deal with it at home, right? Some of the above statements may sound a little strange to you, but that’s just the point: there are many potentially harmful common misconceptions about health issues (the contemporary Health Myths), and the sooner we get rid of them the healthier and happier we all will be.
First of all, what is Common Cold – and what is happening in the body when it sets in? The Common Cold in medical terms is called Acute Viral Nasopharyngitis, or ARVI (Acute Respiratory Viral Infection).
All those unpleasant local symptoms are called LOCAL ADAPTIVE REACTIONS (makes total sense: we are ADAPTING to the virus).
Eat and smell lots of fresh onions and garlic – the source of natural anti-virals (phytoncides).
Do a hot foot bath – and then wear socks to bed overnight with some mustard powder in them. In case of high fever – cold compress or a cabbage leaf on the forehead + apple cider vinegar wraps (works great fro kids). In case of cough – oats (a cup of oats + 1 liter of hot water leave in a thermos overnight and drink the liquid during the next day) + Vicks VapoRub on the chest – or some of its ingredients (camphor, menthol, spirits of turpentine, eucalyptus oil, cedar leaf oil, myristica oil, thymol).
In case of a sore throat – hot milk with butter and honey, small amounts of manuka honey throughout the day, draw a net on the throat with a Q-tip and a 5% iodine alcohol solution (just as shown on the picture, only on the throat).
In addition to the above, there are some safe and effective homeopathic  remedies that you can use – and some acupressure (acupuncture) points that are very beneficial to influence. Usually with this therapy the Common Cold is over in two-three days with no complications + we just strengthened the Immune System.
The best treatment for the flu or bad cold is rest and give yourself permission to feel bad for one or two days and then will begin to feel better. On April 2, 2016 an official opening ceremony of the Miracle Wellness centre took place in Gurgeon, India (near New Delhi). The question, “How long should I treat – and how often?” is the second most Frequently Asked Question that we hear from the Healing FUSION devices owners and clients. There are a few points on the human body that, when stimulated, have profound effect on your health and well-being.
The topic of CHRONIC STRESS and the ways to deal with it Home Healer-style is a reoccurring theme in our communication – and there is a good reason for that. It’s been very exciting to witness the SCENAR Evolution over the past twenty years – the evolution of the technology as close to the Star Trek Healing Device as it was possible on the rise of the second millennium. The three phases of water (solid, liquid, and vapour) is one of those things that we learn early in life and never question again.
Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US with around 584,881 deaths each year.
That is not often that real breakthroughs happen in the brain studies – and the latest one will, apparently, overturn decades of textbook teachings in medical schools. What is the most efficient way for Home Healers with Space Gadgets to energize and balance the entire body? Inflammation of the throat with symptoms like hoarseness of voice, throat pain especially while swallowing & cough. The most common symptom is a dry non-productive, irritating cough with discomfort in the chest followed by difficulty in breathing & wheezing.
These are most common form of headaches characterized by constant pain, tightness, dullness, or pressure in the head. Most patients suffering from migraine complain of periodic headache, which is typically one sided (unilateral) accompanied by vomiting. Our GI tract is exposed to many invasions every day through food and water in terms of algae, bacteria, etc. Gastritis, Peptic Ulcers & Duodenal Ulcers-we call this problem an A- type personality complaint.
Affecting mostly children these are very recurrent nagging problems associated with symptoms of itching in the anus, pain in the abdomen, nocturnal cough, irritability, loss of appetite and loss of weight.
Irregular diet, constipation, & modern day life style are primarily responsible for this complaint. Painful defecation, burning while passing stools & fresh bleeding per rectum are all symptoms of fissure in the ano.
The exact cause is still elusive but it has been seen that a stressful situation in life can precipitate this disease. Skin complaints have troubled man since a long time & man has tried various techniques to get rid of them. This is characterized by thickening of the skin, well-demarcated elevated margins and scales. Acne is indeed a part of puberty for a large number of people besides being one of the most common skin diseases.
The condition is not restricted to any particular age group though it is seen to affect teenagers and young people more commonly. There are different types of Acne which affect people; some are milder in nature and others that are very severe. This form usually affects the middle third of the face and is characterized by persistent redness of the forehead, lower part of nose, cheeks and chin. Acne conglobata is more common amongst males as compared to females and the average age of onset is usually between 18 and 30 years. Acne fulminans is a form of acne which is characterized by sudden onset of highly destructive inflammation. This is characterized by a lot of elevated patched (red or white), or nodules with lot of itching & burning. Wart is one of the common dermatological disorders caused by DNA viruses, which grow in the epidermis. One in every four persons suffers from some sort of back complaints or Lumbago as it is known commonly. An auto-immune affection and inflammation of the joints this disease affects all the joints of the body.
Pain in the weight bearing joints especially the knees, hips & spine are mostly caused by O A. A disorder of the body where the required amount of uric acid is not excreted but accumulated giving rise to inflammation and pains in various joints of the body. Kidney stones responsible for agonizing colic are made of calcium oxalate, phosphate, uric acid crystals, or cystine stones.
Sudden onset, difficulty in passing urine, painful urination, burning are some of the common symptoms.
It's a common myth that Homoeopathic medicines act slowly & can't help much in acute complaints.
Emotional disturbance refers to a number of different, but related, social-emotional disabilities. These medicines are useful in lack of concentration, mild depression, memory sharpness and revitalizes the brain functions.
A mental disorder or mental illness is a psychological or behavioral pattern generally associated with subjective distress or disability that occurs in an individual, and which is not a part of normal development or culture. Along with diabetes another health condition that's been making headlines is hypertension or high blood pressure. There have been so many cases reported of young adults about 30-35 yrs & above who have undergone by-pass surgeries or angioplasty to treat a blocked coronary artery. Homoeopathy plays a major role in preventive cardiac care where in it reduces the amount of stress on the individual body.

Homoeopathy has a befitting reply for disorders like irregular menses, menorrhagia(heavy and prolonged bleeding), metrorrhagia(bleeding in between the periods)menopausal changes leading to mental and physical imbalance, arthritis after menopause, leucorrhoea, mood swings, PMS etc. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Most are harmless, but some can make you sick or even kill you, and then there’s the very special kind of fungus that can take your brain to magical places. A fungal infection of the scalp, tinea capitis can pop up in a few different forms: gray patch, black dot, and favus. Lifestyle UKOn one visit I was diagnosed with a fungal skin rash, a fungal nail infection and thrush again only to have my theory of a "fungal" common thread dismissed. In the USA alone, the total economic impact of cold-related work loss exceeds $20 billion dollars every year. Americans spend $2.9 billion on over-the-counter drugs and another $400 million on prescription medicines for symptomatic relief. If the immune system is weak, it can lead to complications, such as sinusitis, otitis, strep throat, bronchitis and even pneumonia. We need to HELP the body run the dis-ease program and develop the healing cycle, not to block it; unfinished program will run for a much longer time and may lead to energy cysts formation and complications. Let’s learn to help the body become stronger, not weaker, as a result of Common Cold.
It is a highly contagious, viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory system, primarily caused by picornaviruses (including rhinoviruses). In the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin considered the causes and prevention of the common cold. If local mechanisms cannot handle the situation and virus is threatening to spread around, GENERAL ADAPTIVE REACTIONS come to rescue rising fever and killing the virus everywhere. Virus activates it, and it has to go through the full healing cycle, at the end of which antibodies are formed. Unfortunately, a contemporary Western man in most cases does just the opposite: kill the fever, feed the cold. For better performance and to get through the day – Menthol (Wix) + cough drops with codeine + nasal decongestants.
They all follow the 3 Golden Rules, support and strengthen your Immune System, and help your body fight a virus quickly and naturally, without any additional medication. If you have the 660 0r 808 enhancer or Flash Probes – shine them inside your nose, for one cycle in each nostril, 2-3 times a day. The Center is the first in a group of wellness centers that will be bringing the HealthBoss’ Home Healing concept and the Healing FUSION equipment into India. There is nothing more detrimental to your health than the habitual Chronic Stress that sneaks up on you as a silent killer. We call it the “Cinderella Beauty Treatment”, because it addresses not only your external, but also the internal beauty, and rejuvenates not only your face, but also your heart.
We all must have suffered from complaints relating to the respiratory systems many a times. In children there has been an increase in the incidence of childhood asthma & respiratory tract infections.
Recurrent throat infections lead to the inflammation & swelling of the tonsils, which is accompanied by swelling of the adenoids too. Further, this is a neurological condition, which consists of severe headaches, changed body sensitivity and nausea. The food passes through the body parts like oesophagus, stomach, and intestines small & large. Increase in the secretion of the acid in the stomach & damage to the mucus wall that prevents this acid from affecting the stomach causes this problem.
There is difficulty in passing stools, bleeding which can be dark in colour and swelling in the anal region. The main complaint in this problem is diarrheoea, bloody stools or stools with mucus & pus and pain in the lower abdomen. Homoeopathy has come more in focus because of its ability to cure them effectively without any side effects. This complaint is characterized by excessive epidermal proliferation (fast multiplication & death of the upper layer of skin causing the scaling) The cause remains unknown.
This is generally caused because of inflammation of blocked pilo sebaceous follicles (blocked oil glands of the skin). Acne is characterized by pimples on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, back and upper arms caused by clogging of pores in the skin due to excess sebum (oil) production.
It affects males and females equally; however the patterns of affection vary amongst the two.
Nodules last a long period running into several weeks or months and the contents usually harden and leave behind deep scars. Certain studies cite that almost 85 to 100% of people between 12 to 17 years of age have had at least occasional whiteheads, blackheads or pimples regardless of their race and ethnicity. Acne vulgaris involves multiple lesions such as whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules and nodules at various stages of development. It is a chronic and severe form of acne which is characterized by severe inflammation, deep abscesses and severe scarring of the skin. The cysts are generally filled with thick, yellow pus-like fluid and can be quite painful. The source of infection is other infected individuals and the disease is transmitted by direct or close contact. This is because of several causes like Posture, work stress, injury, infection, mental stress, back aches resulting from other internal pathologies (referred pains).
Complaints like prolapsed-intervertebral disc and restricted lifestyles due to these kinds of problems have been totally symptom free and leading normal lives.
There is degeneration in the lining of the joints caused by age, osteophytes and wearing of the joint capsule. Desire to pass urine even after emptying the bladder, pain in abdomen & at times haematuria (bleeding) are also seen.
Such a disorder may consist of a combination of affective, behavioural, cognitive and perceptual components. In normal situations, we regain self-control after a while once the fear is triggered, but when fears start to control us as that seen in patients suffering from phobias, anxieties or panic attacks, our lives may be under constant stress. These mental illnesses have many clearly pronounced physical effects also such as heart palpitations, muscle weakness, muscle tension, fatigue, nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath, stomachaches, or headaches. This disease generally affecting people in the 4th decade & above is now taking a toll on young adults.
Housewives have to deal with raising their children in the best possible way in this highly competitive world.
Its several species are capable of transmitting pathogenic organisms to humans , including Chickun Guinea , Dengue , Equine Encephalitis , St'Louis Encephalitis , Tularemia & Yellow Fever .
They cause infections charecterised by 2 or more of the following - Fever , Rash , Encephalitis & Bleeding into the viscera or skin . It is better to take the preventive medicines every year , which will give immunity towards these health hazards .
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
That can be fun, if you’re into that sort of thing, but for most people, fungus only causes irritating skin or nail infections that aren’t terribly fetching.
The only one of those that is still common in the States is black dot, but all are found around the world.
More than one-third of patients who saw a doctor received an antibiotic prescription, which not only contributes to unnecessary costs ($1.1 billion annually on an estimated 41 million antibiotic prescriptions in the United States), but also has implications for antibiotic resistance from overuse of such drugs.
Health ignorance threatens our very existence, and it starts with such a simple thing as Common Cold. Because there are so many types of these viruses, it is impossible to get long-term immunity. The Immune System sends all sorts of defender-cells (like T-lymphocytes, or killer-cells, macrophages, phagocytes) to the area – and the war begins. Products of fight create toxins, and the body tries to flush them out with the nasal discharge.
They are more difficult to process and require more suppressive efforts from the body – hence, more intensive symptoms (high fever is almost unavoidable), longer recovery time, and a bigger danger of complications.
Common Cold and Flu are acute diseases, and the more you push the healing cycle forward, the sooner it will reach its natural end. You can also achieve immediate results with the Q1000 setting the program for the regeneration of DNA and placing the device on the suprasternal notch (the THYMUS projection for immunity boost). It is also called the Three Yin Intersection point, or the Female Vitality Point for its powerful influence on woman’s health. We have treated babies as small as 6 months old suffering from acute chest infections & congestions that required nebulization frequently. Faulty diet, inappropriate use of medications & stress are important causes of this problem.

However, the factors that play a role are Genetic, Bio-chemical, Immunopathological (immune system related) & local. Young men tend to get more severe outbreaks whereas women tend to have an intermittent pattern (usually related to their menstrual cycles). The patient may also present with fever, inflammation and aching of joints (hips and knees). Another type seen mostly in children is called the water warts or molluscum contagiosum, which spreads, by direct contact.
It has very low infectivity; a casual contact with an infected individual is unlikely to result in the disease.
They usually present on glans penis, corona, mucosal surface of prepuce and occasionally on the urinary meatus in males and the vulva and vaginal openings in the females.
People with back problems go to lengths to reduce their pain resorting to various forms of treatments.
There are many underlying factors, which need to be looked into when the problem is diagnosed. The recognition and understanding of mental health conditions have changed over time and across cultures, and there are still variations in the definition, assessment, and classification of mental disorders, although standard guideline criteria are widely accepted. Akin to all other emotions, fear can be mild, moderate, or intense, depending on the individual and the circumstances in which the emotion is brought out. Excess of blood fats (FFA free fatty acids) can cause deposition in the blood vessels leading to cardiac & cerebral complications.
Chickun guinea , Dengue , Yello Fever & Equine Encephalitis are the common Arbo Virus infections . These sorts of minor fungal infections of the skin aren’t usually a serious health concern, but they do raise questions as to the cleanliness of your person, since they look kinda gross. Gray patch tinea capitis is usually spread to humans from cats and dogs, and results in hair breakage close to the scalp, along with scaly skin. Here are just a few examples of potentially dangerous false beliefs many of us still have about Common Cold.
Without simple challenges the immune system gets dysfunctional, just like an athlete without training, and you become prone to many other, much nastier diseases. Local lymphatic structures are in overload, and everything in the war zone is uncomfortably painful. Help it move forward (visualization, LOTS of sleep – remember, we heal in our sleep). You can find it here as a PDF download (click the link): Great Home Healer Recipes, along with some other our favorite Recipes. All these children have been helped in their acute attacks as well as they have been off any form of medication within 4-6 months period of starting homoeopathic treatment. The factors that trigger the pathology are trauma, infections, sunlight, drugs like anti malarial and steroids.
Auto - inoculation after infection is very common which causes the spread of the disease to the different parts of the body.
The main causative factor is reduction in the disc space in-between the vertebrae (bones of the spinal cord in the neck) leading to compression of the nerves. Along with the medication it is very important to have a proper dietary assessment & shift on a low protein diet.
A few mental disorders are diagnosed based on the harm to others, regardless of the subject's perception of distress. Our modern day life style, food habits, & obesity are known as major precursors of Type 2 diabetes. It is important to keep the levels of triglycerides, LDL & VLDL cholesterol as low as possible. Despite all this work there is hardly any appreciation, as these tasks are not given much importance by the society.
Skin fungus might have a similar appearance to other skin conditions, which can make them more difficult to self-diagnose. Black dot tinea capitis is most often found in children, and they are oh so good at sharing it with other kids.
In many cases, the controlled raising of body temperature helps kill viruses faster (like in a sauna). Elicit assistance, whine and complain, turning Common Cold into a Manflu ?? We heal much faster when feeling loved and cared for. Emotional stress plays a major role as a trigger factor for an attack.All complaints of the respiratory tract infection can be associated with very high fever, malaise and drowsiness.
Homeopathy works far better than analgesics in managing this complaint by treating the underlying cause & hence nullifying the effect.
The headache is usually localized to the frontal region & can spread to one side of the head. The patient goes through severe pain for 4 to 72 hours, depending up on the condition of the patient. The symptoms are pain in the lower left abdomen better by passing stools and erratic bowel habits like alternating symptoms diarrheoa & constipation and an uncontrollable strong urge to pass stools. However, some depressed people don't feel sad at all—they may feel lifeless, empty, and apathetic, or men in particular may even feel angry, aggressive, and restless. This pathology is characterized by reduced blood supply to the heart muscle, which can be due to atherosclerotic plaque in blood vessels, arteriospasm, & cardiac overload.
She is like the CEO of a company who makes his own decisions, has to run his own errands, gets no pay for this high profile job and not much recognition for it either. Recurring infections can also alert your doctor to possible weakness in your immune system, which is definitely a good thing to know about. Strong Immune System makes adaptation to the virus much faster, and you may not even notice it. Along with medication the patient is required to do regular neck exercises & physiotherapy.
Fever is always an out come of some internal infection & unless that is dealt with the fever does not subside. Stress (physical & Mental) plays an important role in increasing of blood sugar levels.
Our routine food could be very rich in fat, which increases cholesterol & body weight.
The patient may not have any symptoms to begin with, hence the problem often goes unnoticed. I’ll take you through a few different kinds of skin fungal infections and give you some pointers for taking care of them, but you can find more detailed information on your particular infection in the list of more specific articles.
Then there’s tinea favosa, a yellow, crusty growth of fungus that, again, causes hair loss.
You may even think you do not catch cold – in reality, you get the same viruses; you just process them faster and almost without symptoms. We recommend  highly effective medicines, which provide instant relief to the patients.
Regular check up with your doctor & regular monitoring of Glycosalated Hemoglobin A1c helps us monitor diabetic control. Exact cause remains elusive) Some of the causes that lead to this complaint include kidney diseases, Endocrinal disorder, Alcohol, drugs, pregnancy, & Stress.
Normal blood cholesterol must be kept below the level of 200 mg% & Triglycerides below 150 mg %.
Working women deal with all these roles at home and then swing to a totally different male oriented role in office.
The better the control the less are the chances of complications of diabetes like Nephropathy (Kidney affection), Neuropathy (Nerve affection), Retinopathy (Eye complications) & Cardio vascular complications. Symptoms- most patients remain asymptomatic but a few may have throbbing, pulsating headaches & head heaviness. Bringing about a change in life styles along with an alteration in diet help in minimizing the risks. So the reality is that the woman goes through so many different character roles and different plans and responsibilities according to these roles. Not treating this condition promptly can lead to cerebral hemorrhage (Stroke), retinal & renal damage. Her mind is adjusting to these CHARACTER -SWINGS and her body has to adjust to several cyclical changes every month.
This includes reducing stress (physical as well as mental), regular exercise, weight loss, healthy food habits, & a salt restricted diet. One of the most important one among them is dysmennorhea & irregular menses due polycystic ovarian disease of which we have several documented results.

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