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Armpit odor is common in many people and it can be managed by taking little extra care of the skin. Body odor or armpit odor of apocrine origin occurs commonly in dark complexioned people of Africa. When the skin gets deteriorated due to the thick layer of keratin pigment, it may cause body odor. For women, it may be due to improper hygiene, consumption of alcohol and intake of toxins and other drugs. The doctor can identify the problem by perceiving the smell and getting the medical history. You need to remove the hair under the arms to prevent the growth of bacteria on such places.
If the armpit odor is due to other factors like intake of medicines or alcohol, then you need to change the drugs and avoid taking alcohol.
In severe smell, botulinum toxin injection is taken or your doctor may give anticholinergic drugs. During Iontophoresis therapy, electric current is sent on the affected area that produces more sweat.

Apply baby powder or talc as another possible deodorant replacement that also helps keep the armpits dry.
It is a condition of excess of bad smell on the armpit and foot due to the secretion of apocrine glands.
It can be due to various factors like amino acid disturbance, sweaty feet syndrome and cat syndrome.
The area becomes moist and dark due to continuous bacterial infection and the color of the skin may change into dark brown or black. For people who get excess of hair growth, electrolysis can be done for removing hair permanently. Shower with antibacterial soap as much as needed in the summer when you tend to sweat more, and shower after working up a sweat in the gym. Wear cotton shirts in summer because they soak up sweat, and avoid wearing sleeveless shirts that make armpit odor more prominent. According to the Natural Home Remedies website, sage tea reduces body odor and reduces sweat gland activity.
Another gland called eccrine gland is also found on the body which produces a salt like solution when body temperature increases.

If you are affected with skin disease like erythrasma or intertrigo you need to take treatment.
Bacteria thrive in warm, moist places, making your armpits a particularly good environment for them. By keeping the skin dry and clean you can easily avoid bacteria that causes odor in your body. Corynebacterium is the name of the bacteria known to cause armpit odor producing offensive smell of fatty acids. According to the Home Remedies For You website, antiperspirants can clog pores, which leads to trapped sweat and increased odor. People having skin disease like erythrasma and interigo are more prone to develop body odor than others.

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