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Asparagus is a spring vegetable classified earlier into the lily family but later was placed into the Asparagaceae family.
The presence of vitamin K in asparagus makes it an excellent food for the treatment of osteoporosis.
It has been proven recently that lower levels of folate will increase the chances of breast cancer. Asparagus is proven to have rich B-complex supplements like riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, vitamin B6 (which is also known as pyridoxine), pantothenic acid and other essential vitamins. Asparagus is rich in antioxidants; hence, supplies the body with zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin and other essential antioxidants.
Being a very good source of vitamin B, asparagus effectively controls the blood sugar level. Women suffering from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can consume asparagus often as it is a natural diuretic.
The anti-inflammatory content of asparagus helps maintain good heart health by keeping several chronic and mild heart ailments under check.
The asparagine, an essential amino acid present in the asparagus, helps in frequent urination. The asparagus is proven to improve the fertility by increasing the sperm count and strengthening the reproductive organs. Vitamin A, C, antioxidants and calcium contents in the asparagus add more strength to the roots of hair. Apple cider vinegar (ACV), which is full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, is considered as nature's best detoxifiers. There are two main types of asparagus beetle: the common asparagus beetle and the spotted asparagus beetle. In most situations, organic treatment for asparagus beetles is recommended, unless populations are enormous or asparagus plants are in serious danger.
Cutting asparagus shoots as they appear and leaving no more than two days between harvests can help prevent eggs from hatching. Neem oil can be applied to plantings that have serious infestations, especially in years when harvesting is not recommended. If asparagus beetle on plants are severe and immediate control is necessary to save your asparagus, both pyrethrin and malathion can be used without causing serious harm to beneficial insects. Eat High-Potassium FoodsIf you find yourself bloated very often, make sure your diet is high in foods that contain a lot of potassium. Source: ShutterStock Make Sure You're Eating The Correct Amount Of FiberFiber can either relieve your bloating or make it worse, depending on how much you're ingesting on a regular basis. Source: ShutterStock Eat Some Yogurt or Take Probiotics Probiotics are a form of good bacteria that help us maintain a healthy digestive system, and can also help reduce bloating.
Source: ShutterStock Massage Your StomachBloating can be a result of excess gas in your stomach (meaning you need to fart or burp). Source: ShutterStock Go For A Walk Or Do Some ExerciseExercise is great for bloating for two reasons. Source; ShutterStock Nibble On ParsleyIt might sound gross, but munching on a little parsley is actually a great way to get rid of bloating.
Source: ShutterStock Drink Mint or Ginger TeaMint and ginger are two things that are great for your stomach, so it's no surprise that they can also help relieve bloating. Source: ShutterStock Avoid Acidic or Carbonated DrinksAcidic drinks like coffee and alcohol irritate your GI tract, which leaves you feeling bloated. Source; ShutterStock Take An AntacidMaybe your bloating is because of heartburn, or because you're feeling particularly gassy. Source: ShutterStock Drink WaterSince bloating is usually caused by excess liquid in your body, it probably sounds really weird to put more liquid in there to get rid of it. Unfortunately, every garden has pests that can take over and kill flowers, vegetables and herbs. These tiny pests cause damage by sucking the juices from the leaves and stems of plants, and spreading disease while they do so. If those eagerly-awaited stalks of tender asparagus are showing brown spots, scarring, or are bent, asparagus beetles are probably to blame.

You know those pretty white butterflies you see hovering around your garden in early summer? If the foliage on your potato plants is starting to get chewed, chances are good that you have a potato beetle problem. So, you planted out a bunch of perfect tomato seedlings only to find them toppled over, as if chopped down by tiny axes, the next morning. Tiny holes in the leaves of eggplants, peppers, radishes, pumpkins and squashes, melons, or tomatoes ( as well as other plants) are a sure sign of flea beetles. It’s late summer, and the foliage on your beans is reduced to almost nothing but the veins. Yellow spots on the leaves of your pumpkins, winter squash, or summer squash are one sign of squash bugs.
Homocysteine has the capability to block the blood and other nutrient supply that goes to the brain. Not just breast cancer, low intake of folate is also linked with the cervical, pancreatic, stomach and colon cancer.
Maintaining a healthy digestive system is must, as an unhealthy digestive system can bring more adverse consequences to our health. 100gm of asparagus will provide you with 14% or 54µg of folate, thus helping in DNA synthesis.
These B complex supplements are required for an optimum cellular health and metabolic activities of the human body. Consumption of this veggie also boosts up the production of insulin in the body, thereby giving relief from type 2 diabetes. Folate and vitamin B6 can benefit the orgasm and arousal while vitamin E helps stimulate sex hormones. The pain caused by bee sting can be eased by applying crushed asparagus on the painful area. Both are primarily orange, but the common asparagus beetle has black wings dotted with white, while the spotted asparagus beetle is entirely orange dotted with black. As soon as you notice asparagus beetles, begin hand picking them daily, tossing them into a bucket of soapy water.
Even if the spears are contaminated with eggs, cut them as soon as they are large enough to harvest. Few things are worse than walking around feeling like your stomach is full of air, and not knowing how to make it go away. One, if you're bloated because you're constipated, moving around a lot will help regulate your digestive system and make you go to the bathroom.
Carbonated drinks like soda contain a lot of air, which gets trapped in your gut and creates a bloated feeling - this is why people burp after drinking soda. But when you're bloated, you should definitely drink water - it is the best thing to help flush your system of all that excess fluid.
However, it is not necessary to resort to chemical means to get rid of the little insect beasties that want to dine on garden plants.
They are fairly easy to get rid of — sometimes all it takes is a strong blast from your hose to knock them off of the plant. If any of these plants start toppling over, chances are good that a corn borer has made its way into the stem. Handpicking is a great option here, as are floating row covers to provide a barrier to these pests in the first place. You have a cutworm problem.You can make simple collars from empty toilet paper rolls to protect the stems until they are too large to sustain damage from cutworms.
Look under any remaining leaves, and you’ll probably find a Mexican bean beetle larva or two. Cut open the vine just about where the problem starts, and you’ll probably find the grayish-white larva known as squash vine borer. It was discovered recently that folate deficiency in to-be moms also causes birth defects in their infants. The feel good hormones like serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine will also get interfered by the excess production of homocysteine.

The fiber content in this herb maintains the proper functioning of the digestive system and avoids constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Spears become extremely unappetizing when frass is staining them and eggs are deposited in the tips.
Collecting berries at the end of the season can help keep spotted asparagus beetles at bay. Beetles that keep coming and coming on an asparagus path may be knocked back with permethrin, but be aware that this chemical has a much longer duration and will kill most insects that contact the asparagus stand. Of course, you can get bloated at other times of the month too, like if you ingest too much sodium. Potassium helps to regulate the fluid in your body, and since bloating comes from fluid, eating high-potassium foods can help with it. Press your fingers near your right rib, slide them up towards your ribs, and then slide them across and down. Either start adding it into your meals regularly, or eat some when you're feeling particularly puffy.
For every pest, there’s a natural pest control solution, one that doesn’t require inundating the garden environment with poisonous pesticides. In addition to encouraging the wasps, you can also handpick the larvae, eggs, and beetles from your plants. You may want to start checking your cabbage, kale, broccoli and other cruciferous veggies for holes in the leaves. Colorado Potato Beetles overwinter in the soil, so crop rotation can be a huge help in reducing the damage your garden sustains. It can be a bit confusing, because the symptoms (wilting vines) are easily confused with that of squash vine borer (below). The anemic patients can take asparagus daily to meet their iron need and get rid of anemia. In addition, the larvae of the spotted asparagus beetle will feed inside developing berries and consume foliage.
Not only will these help with your digestive system, they will also increase your water intake and soothe your tummy. When you're feeling bloated, your best bet is to stick with water and a mint or ginger tea. And there’s more good news: natural pest control costs less than pesticides and is much safer for the garden, pets, children, wildlife and the environment. Look underneath, because most likely the culprit is a light green larva that hatches from the eggs deposited by those pretty white butterflies. You can hand pick and squish them, handpick and throw them into a bucket of soapy water, let them drown in some beer, or use a grapefruit rind to trap them. It is a very good source of protein, dietary fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin E, thiamine, vitamin K, vitamin C, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, rutin, phosphorus, iron, potassium, manganese, copper and selenium.
So how you can make that horrible puffy feeling go away for good… or at least for the day? Asparagus is great because it also acts as a diuretic to flush excess liquid out of your system, which is exactly what you need.
Popping a probiotic pill can't hurt, but it won't be a quick fix on it's own - they need to be taken every day.
One of the easiest ways to control them (besides covering your crops with floating row covers and eliminating the problem all together) is to hand pick them and drop them in a cup of soapy water.
Then you can trim off any yellow or wilted parts of the stem, and bury the rest in the soil.
High-fiber foods include beans, corn, avocado, brown rice, whole wheat pasta and bread, artichokes, peas, broccoli and almonds, among other foods.

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