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Onions and garlic are vegetables that people use quite often in their daily diet and enjoy eating, especially because of their healthy properties and benefits. If you love eating onion or garlic but don’t want to feel ashamed that your breath smells when you are around other people, don’t worry. The first thing you can and should do is to thoroughly brush your teeth and rinse your mouth. Something very convenient for freshening your breath is to buy and chew some minty gum, fresh parsley, or mint leaves, if possible, or drink some mint tea. Some commonly used foods, such as lemons, carrots, and mushrooms, also help reduce the odor of onion and garlic.
It can make a meal taste delicious - but linger in the mouth far longer than any diner would like.
They then ate various foods thought to help banish bad breath to see what effect these would have on the odour readings.A Of all the foods, raw apple was found to be particularly effective - indeed, study author Sheryl Barringer says this is what she reaches for after eating garlic.
All of the foods they found to be effective are also rich in compounds called polyphenols, which break down the pungent compounds in garlic.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. However, many people try to avoid them simply because of the bad smell they leave in your mouth after you eat them.
This will freshen your breath and help you remove from your teeth all traces of the onion or garlic you have eaten. As has been shown by some studies, some substances in green tea can kill the compounds in onion and garlic that create the bed smell.
Methods for mouth hygiene such as using mouthwash, a water pick, a tongue cleaner, and flossing can also be quite helpful. Eat an apple: Scientists reveal the best foods to get rid of the smellIt can make a meal taste delicious - but linger in the mouth far longer than any diner would like. Professor Barringer, of Ohio State Universitya€™s department of food science and technology, suggests apples may help by 'deodorising' the enzymes in garlic. As bacteria created in your mouth plays large role in bad breath, killing them will also kill the smell.

Drinking other fluids, such as lemonade or even water, can also reduce the bad odor in your mouth.
To get the biggest benefit,A  combine the foods with the garlic where possible, adds Professor Barringer.
Professor Barringer's previous research has found that milk can ' significantly reduce' concentrations of the chemicals that give garlic its long-lasting smell.A small glass (200ml) can reduce the presence of AMS on the breath by 50 per cent, she says.
Full-fat milk gave better results than skimmed and it was also better if diners drank with their meal, rather than afterwards.

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