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One bright day in late autumn a family of Ants were bustling about in the warm sunshine, drying out the grain they had stored up during the summer, when a starving Grasshopper, his fiddle under his arm, came up and humbly begged for a bite to eat.
With his head full of this foolish idea, he became so puffed up with pride and vanity that he halted and started to bray loudly. A Raven, which you know is black as coal, was envious of the Swan, because her feathers were as white as the purest snow. So he left his home in the woods and fields and flew down to live on the lakes and in the marshes. Two Goats, frisking gayly on the rocky steeps of a mountain valley, chanced to meet, one on each side of a deep chasm through which poured a mighty mountain torrent.
A Merchant, driving his Ass homeward from the seashore with a heavy load of salt, came to a river crossed by a shallow ford. The angry Merchant immediately turned about and drove the Ass back to the seashore, where he loaded him with two great baskets of sponges.
The Gnat buzzed away to tell the whole world about his victory, but instead he flew straight into a spider's web. A certain man who visited foreign lands could talk of little when he returned to his home except the wonderful adventures he had met with and the great deeds he had done abroad. A Cock was busily scratching and scraping about to find something to eat for himself and his family, when he happened to turn up a precious jewel that had been lost by its owner.
At a great celebration in honor of King Lion, the Monkey was asked to dance for the company. At last, when one of his huge feet came within an inch of King Lion's nose, the animals were so disgusted that they set upon the Camel in a rage and drove him out into the desert.
Shortly afterward, refreshments, consisting mostly of Camel's hump and ribs, were served to the company. A Wild Boar was sharpening his tusks busily against the stump of a tree, when a Fox happened by. Just as a great Bear rushed to seize a stray kid, a Lion leaped from another direction upon the same prey. Just then a Fox dashed up, and seizing the kid, made off with it as fast as he could go, while the Lion and the Bear looked on in helpless rage. The Fox one day thought of a plan to amuse himself at the expense of the Stork, at whose odd appearance he was always laughing. The hungry Stork was much displeased at the trick, but he was a calm, even-tempered fellow and saw no good in flying into a rage. At that moment he scented a panther and in an instant was bounding away through the forest.
The Peacock, they say, did not at first have the beautiful feathers in which he now takes so much pride.
Presently the Peacock saw an Eagle soaring high up in the blue sky and felt a desire to fly, as he had been accustomed to do. To distinguish themselves from the soldiers in the ranks, the new leaders proudly bound on their heads lofty crests and ornaments of feathers or straw.
The Weasels accepted the challenge with eagerness, for they were always ready for a fight when a meal was in sight. The Wolf could not help thinking how nice it would be to have a fine fat Dog to eat instead of the scrawny object before him.
I’m a little bit of a geek with journals and planners and love to have a new one every year.
Way back when, in the early days of BAB, we had a series called Flab to Fab, which chronicled some health and weight loss tips that had worked for us.
Since I work full-time for BAB in addition to my other projects, I am prone to spending multiple hours in front of my computer and very often lack any sort of motivation for working out.
And then I was approached by JUS by Julie to see if I would be interested in trying out one of their cleanses. The second JUS of the day was a spicy lemonade — either standard lemonade or with pomegranate (not a favorite). As I think about what kind of dress I want for my third little stroll down the aisle, there's a little consideration that I can't deny - my big arm pit fat! If you're like me, and endure a constant nagging craving for salty, crunchy delights but can't bear the calorie counts on potato chips - meet my newest Flab to Fab secret weapon, and prepare to be satisfied!sourceI discovered Seas Gift Roasted Seaweed Snack treats thanks to my daily Hungry Girl emails, and haven't looked back since. Every once in a while (or, if you're like me lately, every few days) a time comes in a person's life when splurging is simply the requirement of the day.
I promise I'll start my official wedding recaps soon, I'm just waiting for the pictures to come in. The only time the rattle does not make any noise is after a rainstorm or other wetting activity that thoroughly soaks the rattle.The rattlesnake devours small animals following the bite and his discharge of a nasty venom that paralyzes the animal.
Trapping a rattlesnake is possible using glue sticky traps or other cage traps fabricated for that purpose. Experienced snake catchers and rattlesnake pet owners use specialized grasping equipment that keeps the snake far away and safe from the rattlesnake bite possibility.
For the complete list of pests with pictures, and solutions, on this 500 page website, please click the A to Z link. It was mounted on an Ass adorned with garlands and gorgeous trappings, and a grand procession of priests and pages followed it through the streets. But in the midst of his song, his driver guessed what the Ass had got into his head, and began to beat him unmercifully with a stick. The foolish bird got the idea that if he lived like the Swan, swimming and diving all day long and eating the weeds and plants that grow in the water, his feathers would turn white like the Swan's. But though he washed and washed all day long, almost drowning himself at it, his feathers remained as black as ever.

The trunk of a fallen tree formed the only means of crossing the chasm, and on this not even two squirrels could have passed each other in safety. They had crossed this river many times before without accident, but this time the Ass slipped and fell when halfway over. On the way home the Ass, remembering what had happened at the ford, purposely let himself fall into the water, and again got rid of most of his burden. At the ford the Ass again tumbled over; but when he had scrambled to his feet, it was a very disconsolate Ass that dragged himself homeward under a load ten times heavier than before.
Mad with rage, the Lion struck fiercely at the Gnat, but only succeeded in tearing himself with his claws.
And there, he who had defeated the King of beasts came to a miserable end, the prey of a little spider. His dancing was very clever indeed, and the animals were all highly pleased with his grace and lightness. He was very sure that he could dance quite as well as the Monkey, if not better, so he pushed his way into the crowd that was gathered around the Monkey, and rising on his hind legs, began to dance. While the Ass cropped a fresh bit of greens, the Fox would devour a chicken from the neighboring farmyard or a bit of cheese filched from the dairy. But when the Lion saw that the Ass was his for the taking, he first of all struck down the traitor Fox.
Such deceit was unpardonable, and Birds and Beasts made common cause to drive out the Bats. The two fought furiously for the prize until they had received so many wounds that both sank down unable to continue the battle. That very same morning a hungry Wolf came by farther up the stream, hunting for something to eat.
The Stork gladly accepted the invitation and arrived in good time and with a very good appetite. But it was set out in a very shallow dish, and all the Stork could do was to wet the very tip of his bill. But his plans were very much changed when he met a Lion, who, without making any excuses, took the Lamb away from him.
He greatly admired the graceful arch of his antlers, but he was very much ashamed of his spindling legs.
But as he ran his wide-spreading antlers caught in the branches of the trees, and soon the Panther overtook him. These, Juno, whose favorite he was, granted to him one day when he begged her for a train of feathers to distinguish him from the other birds. In every battle the Weasels carried off the victory, as well as a large number of the Mice, which they ate for dinner next day. Then after long preparation of the Mouse army in all the arts of war, they sent a challenge to the Weasels.
It happened to be a very lean and bony Dog, and Master Wolf would have turned up his nose at such meager fare had he not been more hungry than usual.
And lucky for you, I’ve been testing out some seriously badass beauty and health goods as of late.
Those of you paying attention on Instagram a couple weeks ago might have noticed this pop up as a hashtag as I embarked on a three-day juice cleanse. I tend to like green juices, like ones by Odwalla or Naked, but the JUS by Julie Morning Glory green juice wasn’t anything like those. I dug getting to sip on this after the chewy morning beverage, though the spiciness was palpable.
Both sweet and filling, it helped keep the day going and was considerably more delicious than the morning’s mix. With blends like PB & JUS and Choconana, they were a little more milkshake-y and a helluva lot more delicious.
Though I understand its purpose was to make me feel a little more full and give me enough nutrients to get through the night without my stomach trying to digest my entire body, it was also a v. But I was also way more hydrated (let’s not even talk about how many damn times I peed over three days.
And there was a definite change in the way I felt — less sluggish, a little more focused.
You know what I'm talking about, that pookie roll (or rolls!) between your boob and your arm.
It gives us control over the menu, the cost, gives us incentive to keep our place presentable (which, clutternuts that we are, is quite helpful), and allows us all to enjoy a leisurely meal and great conversation in a cozy atmosphere.
Rattlesnakes are caught, weighed and measured and then returned to the place they were caught.
As the Ass walked along, the people bowed their heads reverently or fell on their knees, and the Ass thought the honor was being paid to himself. And as the water weeds he ate did not agree with him, he got thinner and thinner, and at last he died.
A great many persons in Rhodes had seen him do it and would prove that what he told was true.
But the big hulking Camel made himself very ridiculous as he kicked out his knotty legs and twisted his long clumsy neck. It is said the quarrel grew out of the persecution the race of Geese suffered at the teeth of the Fox family. So when they saw the Birds getting the better of it, they were Birds for all there was in it. And since then the Bat family hides in dark towers and deserted ruins, flying out only in the night.

The Fox arrived promptly at the time that had been set, and the Stork served a fish dinner that had a very appetizing smell. Then the Stag perceived that the legs of which he was so ashamed would have saved him had it not been for the useless ornaments on his head. Then, decked in his finery, gleaming with emerald, gold, purple, and azure, he strutted proudly among the birds.
In despair the Mice called a council, and there it was decided that the Mouse army was always beaten because it had no leaders. I tend to keep them by my bed to record those nagging thoughts that hinder my sleep or to jot down a to-do list. Well, this usually ends in catastrophic flames for me as the call of my couch is usually infinitely stronger than the call of a yoga class. I’ve always been good about drinking water (how could one not be when they have the cutest water bottle in the world?), but I made a decision to increase my intake. I figured after all the residual gunk that was likely in my system from a summer’s worth of fun, I could use a little detox and reset. The instructions indicated I could have coffee sweetened only with stevia, raw or steamed vegetables, egg whites and water. While there was a sweet aftertaste, it was definitely a juice you could chew on, and the spinach and kale had their obvious presence. If you’re familiar at all with the Master Cleanse, this beverage was pretty in line with that taste. It hides around the corners of your wedded bliss and pounces in sneak-attack fashion, dragging you down into stagnation.
Rattlesnakes get their name from a rattle the rattlesnake has on the end of its tail.When the rattlesnake is upset because you bothered it, the snake sets up to bite you, and rattles its rattles.
Neither would give way, and so they both fell, to be swept away by the roaring torrent below.
Delighted to find how much lighter his burden had become, the Ass finished the journey very gayly. At last, worn out with rage and covered with wounds that his own teeth and claws had made, the Lion gave up the fight. But while they were debating how best to meet death, they thought they heard a noise and in a flash were scampering off to the warren.
But the Fox lapped it up easily, and, to increase the disappointment of the Stork, made a great show of enjoyment. Instead of flying up to greet the first rays of the morning sun or to bathe in the rosy light among the floating clouds at sunset, he would have to walk the ground more encumbered and oppressed than any common barnyard fowl. So a large number of generals and commanders were appointed from among the most eminent Mice. The privates easily slipped into their holes, but the Mouse leaders could not squeeze through the narrow openings because of their head-dresses. I might doodle from time to time or actually properly record my thoughts in the way they should be when using a journal. See, the thing is that I really, really hate working out in front of other people and I have a tough time with running because of old knee injuries sustained while snowboarding (I used to be a badass). A friend bought me this adorably amazing Kate Spade glass bottle from Nordstrom and it’s my everything.
But, many of our real brides have continued to discuss losing weight for the wedding, whether it’s because they want to feel healthier, they want to feel more confident or they just plain need to in order to fit into their frock without extra alterations.
My intention with the cleanse, as should anyone’s intention be, was not to lose weight, but to clear out some of the bullshit and help my body recover a bit.
Lots and lots of water … which turned out to be a really good thing for multiple reasons. This one was also hardest for me to drink because I’m a very textural eater, and the Morning Glory was a bit chunkier than the rest.
I ate about one serving of steamed veggies (broccoli, carrots or spinach) per day and had an egg white or two just to get me by. It hides under your covers, a cold bedfellow, suckling the warmth in your heart until you shiver.Well, that may be a bit dramatic. Wolf snapped up such delicious morsels without making any bones about it, but this Lamb looked so very helpless and innocent that the Wolf felt he ought to have some kind of an excuse for taking its life.
On the way they passed a pond where a family of Frogs was sitting among the reeds on the bank. I knew that I had to do something to kick my own ass into gear so I’d survive this month-ish of 10+ hour work days and weddings and birthdays and conferences.
I didn’t have any hardcore Dorito or cake cravings and I actually found myself steaming some veggies the day afterward, because they sounded better than the other options in the house. But the free programs on my Roku are usually boring as shit and the paid ones like Daily Burn are expensive as shit. After losing 20lbs leading up to the wedding, I am determined to not fall back into my lazy, food-addicted, compulsive and guilt-ridden ways.
I like that the unit pulses when it’s time to move from one face zone to the next during the one-minute cleansing session. Plus, Grokker is only $14.99 per month and you can test it out free for 14 days to be sure you dig it.

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