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Public toilets sometimes smell terrible, but since it’s not your bathroom you can accept it.
Before you can get rid of the bad smell in your bathroom you first need to find out where it’s coming from.
Even if you flush your toilet every time you finish your business it can start to smell in certain areas. Mold will stink the place out, but it’s also very dangerous and if you have a mold problem it must be taken care of straight away. Author Bio: Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Sure, that fried tuna fish sandwich with garlic and onion might have tasted good at lunch, but your post-lunch associates are not enjoying the cornucopia of smells you produce with every word you speak.  Fortunately, there are some super foods that can help get rid of bad breath. Do you know of any other foods that can fight bad breath?  Let everyone else know in the comments!
The one similar thing I have heard is that excessive use of mouthwashes that contain alcohol can dry out your mouth and cause bad breath. Great List of Natural Home remedies to cure bad breath, Tom which one of these would you suggest should be used if we are in a hurry and want our bad breath to go away immediately ?? Many people can’t hide what they ate because certain foods linger in their systems, causing bad breath.
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The reason I’m saying you should blow your nose is because you will need to have a good sense of smell before you can start looking.
You will know if the smell is coming from the drain straight away because when you put your nose close to it you’ll not be able to breathe. If you spill a lot of water on the floor you might start to get mold growing in the corners if you don’t dry it up straight away. Sugar Free Mints and Candy will be able to mask bad breath by increasing your saliva production.  That extra saliva running through your mouth will be able to remove bad breath-causing substances from your teeth.
Berries, Melons, and Citrus Fruits that are rich in vitamin C will be able to scare away much of the bacteria in your mouth that are a source of your bad breath by creating an environment in which the bacteria do not want to live.  As an added bonus, vitamin C is also great at preventing gingivitis and improving your gingival health. Anise, Cardamom, Coriander, Mint Sprigs, and Fennel Seeds are all very potent, spicy, pleasant smelling, natural ways to cover up your bad breath.
Cinnamon Sticks contain an essential oil that is actually able to kill a certain type of bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath.  Also, the pleasant scent of cinnamon is sure to cover up some of the worst bad breath that you can breathe at it!
Onions and garlic are probably the most common and most well-known instigators of bad breath, or halitosis, but there are others.The issue with foods like onions and garlic is that they contain pungent oils that get carried through your bloodstream to your lungs.
Maybe you already know where it’s coming from because the problem is obvious, but sometimes it takes a little bit of detective work. You should also clean the area around the top of the bowl because when you flush the toilet the water will always miss that part.

If urine lands on the toilet floor every time someone goes to relieve themselves it will obviously start to stink after a while. It’s also one of the easier problems to fix because you just need to put a few drops of disinfectant down the drain on a regular basis and it will stop the build up of bacteria. The shower curtain is also a good place for mold to grow because who thinks of drying the curtain once they jump out of the shower?
Smell a few suspect locations and if the stench is stronger in any one place you might have your problem area.
You will be able to keep the toilet smell-free if you clean it regularly with a brush and bleach, but after a while the brush might start to smell so you will need to clean that too. This is even more likely if your bathroom is carpeted because bad smells tend to stick to the fabric. Wipe the floor with soap and water, but if it’s carpeted you might need to shampoo it clean. If bad breath is a problem, be sure to brush your tongue as well — that’s where odor-causing bacteria like to live, especially at night when your mouth is dry. Make certain to get regular dental checkups.If bad breath is a persistent problem, talk with your doctor.

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