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No matter how regular we are with our bathing routine (we’re going to assume you bathe, at least often?), there comes a point when we are left wondering what in the world is causing that stink in me! Sweating or perspiration is a natural process arising out of stress, exercise and high temperatures.
Bacterial creams are not really essential to prevent body odour, unless there is a specific problem such as folliculitis or ingrown hair. The New Age covers news from all nine provinces, along with national events, Op-Ed columns, politics, Africa and International news, sports, business, entertainment, lifestyle, science and technology. These lotions contain aluminium chloride and should be used in the underarms, palms and soles at night. Here, as the body sweats more, and there is a build-up of dead cells, grime and bacteria, the anti-antiperspirant is not able to be effective for long. It surely will help in keeping the underarm area clean thus aids in keeping the body odor under check.

Keeping them in mind (and prayers), we asked the expert if there could be any other hygiene alternatives available out there? As sweat collects in the hair follicles leading to bacteria build-up, it is appropriate to restrict the hair growth and keep the area clean. Dr Pai insists, “sweat itself does not smell, but coupled with the dead skin cells, it provides a medium for the bacteria to grow. Using a loofah with your soap or shower gel will be an effective method for gentle skin exfoliation.
Excessive perspiration is termed as Hyperhidrosis- one can undergo a Botox treatment for it (excessive perspiration) in the underarm area.
Deodorants do not prevent or control the amount you sweat, but they help to mask the body odour. With a few tiny pricks, botox is injected at certain points in the axilla of maximum sweat gland concentration.

This can help reduce the perspiration for as long as 6-8 months, after which it can be repeated.
These are the everyday regular habits one needs to take care of in order to control body odour among other routine things.
Jamuna Pai, India’s leading skin expert shares in detail, the reason why we smell so bad and how to get rid of that odour.

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