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A limited menu of starters serves up hibachi shrimp or scallops and wasabi-garlic mashed potatoes. If you head into your basement and smell that “earthy” smell chances are there are damp mildew spots and now you may ask how to get rid of mold in the basement? You know mold anywhere is not good, but the basement tends to be the hot spot for this to develop simply because the engine to our house is usually there, with hot water heaters, furnaces, washing machines and laundry tubs, damp towels and more.
It can form on surfaces such as the back of drywall or carpets or even ceiling tiles, so it needs to be addressed in the early stages when it is possible to clean it yourself.
After carefully placing it in a garbage bag and cleaning the area, and then repairing the pipe we then installed a dehumidifier and that got the moisture out of the air. Dehumidifier – If you basement simply has too much moisture in the air from all the appliances being used in the basement and lack of air flow, then consider getting a dehumidifier and make sure to empty the tray of water before it gets full. Using soap and water and a scrub brush will usually take care of any small patches of basement mold on the floors or on the wall, but if you find it on carpet, then you must remove the carpet and then after finding the source consider building a sub-floor in your basement to house the carpet rather than placing it right on the concrete floor.

It will be more obvious with drywall, as the paint will begin to ripple or peel off the ceiling or the drywall screws or nails will begin to rust in the ceiling, another sign that there is a problem and mold could be forming. If the pump received electricity but it doesn’t work, then it means it has an electrical power. You just mail the cassette into the lab after leaving it exposed to the air, and they tell you what kinds of molds you have. If the mold test comes back negative, but you've got odor or allergy problems, skip ahead to the allergen-control section. A professional can install an expensive, high-throughput dehumidifier that can cover an entire house. We just set the Roomba to vacuum before leaving the house each day, and then empty its container when we get back. We have a mid-level Roomba, and my parents have a high-end Roomba, but as far as I can tell, the only real difference between them is price.

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