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Those annoying brown spots that show up on your face, hands and chest in your 30s and older are known as liver spots or sunspots and are largely caused by sun damage. Fortunately, you can safely rid yourself of these little monsters with Radio Frequency Facelifts (RF).
Here at Body Bliss, we use RF to remove many benign but unsightly problems like skin tags, moles, milia, broken capillaries, and spider veins. Affordable and highly effective, there is absolutely no reason to give those pesky guys a home any more! Client TestimonialsJust had the most beautiful medipedi from the the lovely Darryl can’t believe the transformation of my feet wish I took before & after shots. Sunlight, one of the best natural resources of vitamin D is highly crucial for health and wellbeing. This is reality with our sunshine in Africa, all precautions against the sun must be taken at all times to protect our precious skin.

The top layer of skin where the spots are is removed via lasers in a procedure that takes on average about 20 minutes. Skin tags, benign moles, and even milia, also called milk spots, are not life threatening, but boy, are they a pain to deal with. First discovered in 1865, RF plays many healing roles in healthcare such as problems relating to muscle and tendon disorders, increase blood flow and repair tissue. From the latest international make-up trends to the hottest new products on the market, we offer insights into the glamorous world of beauty. Join like-minded beauty fanatics in our loyalty program and earn points, trial beauty products and share your experiences. Brown spots are mainly a cosmetic problem -- they cause no health risks -- but they can be annoying. There are ways to tone them down and camouflage them.To minimize the appearance of brown spots, you have a few options.

Here are the pros and cons of each option.Laser TreatmentAblative laser resurfacing is perhaps the most effective (and costliest) way to remove brown spots.
Popular over-the-counter creams include Porcelana (buy it from Amazon) and Esoterica Fade Cream (buy it from Amazon).
Usually anything over 2 percent hydroquinone requires a prescription.Some doctors prescribe Tretinoin to combat sunspots.
Tretinoin is a form of Vitamin A and is used to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sunspots.
There are also generic versions available.Chemical PeelsGlycolic acid peels administered by a doctor work by removing the top layer of skin.

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