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Remove excessive surface oils:  Use oil-absorbing mattifiers that contain synthetic polymers which soak up excess surface oils like tiny sponges. Step 1  Use a facial moisturizing creamUsing a facial moisturizing cream will help to hydrate your face and shrink pores.
Step 2  Exfoliate your skinAfter you have moisturized your skin (once every 24 hours), on the third day you should start exfoliating. TipsDo not leave any of these products on your face longer than the instructions inside the box dictate. Overview The pores on your skin are the openings of hair follicles, oil glands and sweat glands. Apart from having an oily skin, there are also other factors that contribute to large pores such as age, hormonal imbalance and excessive sun exposure.

Well, it is not possible to eliminate large pores completely, but there are certain things that you can do to shrink large pores to some extent.Here are the 10 best home remedies that you must try in order to get rid of large pores.
Daily rub an ice-cube 2 to 3 times in a day to reduce facial swelling, tighten skin and control excessive oil secretion from the pores.Massage it on your face every morning and before going to bed.
Some of the many good ingredients that you should look for in anti-aging products are antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, vitamins, hibiscus, ginseng and grapeseed oil.
This will only cause unnecessary damage to your face. Make sure to use a facial product that is compatible with sensitive skin, if you have this problem. Rub ice cube on open pores---the cold temperature will contract skin, temporarily closing pores.
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It is important to do this during the day time, but is even more important to do it right before you go to sleep.
Using these will produce a gritty kind of quality that will work wonderfully in removing lifeless skin cells from your face. This gives the rehydration formula more time to do its work and for your body to absorb it. If you ever want to open your pores up to cleanse them out then you can try a mini steam bath using a boiling pot of water.

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