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I've got something important to do on monday and suddenly I have this dark, red spot on my nose again. The spot itself looks like a typical 'under the skin' kind of spot that takes forever to come to the surface (or doesn't at all). From research that I've done, I know that inflammation is your bodies way of healing and that using ice actually prevents the body from healing, therefore increasing the time it would take for your spot to heal. Definitely use some honey in that area and reapply throughout the day, but don't cover your whole face in it constantly.

It hurts quite a bit and if you touch it you can definitely feel that there's something underneath the surface. Although honey is great for the skin, if it isn't washed off thoroughly, it can clog pores. I've applied honey and oatmeal on it, but I'm really considering trying to pop it and then applying honey on it. I don't want it to become a huge bump on monday, or for it to turn into a semi-whitehead while I'm in school.

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