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If you have age spots on your skin, you can start looking for the best solution to get rid of the problem, which will involve determining the causes of brown spots on the neck. Exposure to the sun, especially during summer, can cause black spots to form on the back of your neck. If you have brownish marks on your neck, it does not necessarily mean that all the above have caused them. Massage your neck with almond oil and coconut oil every day to fade the spots around your neck.
Microdermabrasion and dermabrasion treatments for age spots on neck uses small crystals to scrub the skin around the neck.
Best topical creams, especially those containing hydroquinone can be used to fade black spots on the shoulders, neck, legs and even hands.
Lastly, laser treatment for brown spots on the neck can be performed if you want to remove the spots fast.
But you must not go in the sun with that on and don't put any thing over that on your face. Here are all the causes of brown and dark spots on neck, tips on how to get rid of brown age spots on neck and treatments for dark spots on your neck. Some people may have dark spots even at the back of the neck, around shoulders, on hands, legs and other parts of the body.

The most important part is to find out the cause first before seeking the treatment of dark age spots on the back of the neck. For instance, dark and brown spots on the skin are associated with liver problems and diabetes. Exposure to UV rays is one of the major causes of brown and dark spots on the neck, chest and shoulders. However, if the marks and patches are stubborn, other treatments for brown neck spots can be applied. This, like microdermabrasion treatment, might take several sessions with your dermatologist to clear the spots. Like another cream or sunscream and it lightens in 42 days that's more than a month if you don't go often in the sun.
Also, find out if spots indicate diabetes and liver problems, and finally learn how to remove and fade light spots on the back of neck. Some of the causes may be underlying medical conditions, while others might be normal and easy to control. Other causes of dark skin spots such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake may also contribute to the formation of sagging neck skin and dark marks or light brown spots on neck.
For instance, you cannot apply the use of topical creams to fade and remove age spots when the cause is diabetes.

See your doctor to be certain of the cause before resorting to treatments for brown neck spots.
During summer, always wear protective clothes since they have a sunscreen effect on your neck.
Common skin treatments may be applied, including microdermabrasion and dermabrasion to remove the spots.
A couple of sessions might be required in order to completely eliminate the discolorations on the skin. Brown spots around the neck are sometimes referred to as light brown spots, age spots on neck, sun spots on neck, or liver spots on neck. I used Ponds Clarant B3 cream for about a year every single day with no improvement of the dark spot whatsoever.

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