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Blemishes are caused due to hormonal imbalance or environmental factors such as exposure to sun rays, dust, allergies, humidity, changes in the weather, certain kinds of cosmetics etc.
Here Are The Top 10 Tips To Get Rid Of The Blemishes Cleanse Your Skin Cleansing your skin is important to keep your skin healthy and free from blemishes.
Use Protection Against The Sun Prolonged exposure to sun rays could be a reason behind blemishes. Healthy Diet Regime Follow a healthy diet regime by including foods such as vitamin A, E, C, and B that keep your skin healthy and free from blemishes.
Use Blemish Lightening Serums There are several blemish and scar lightening serums that contain natural extracts and peptides that help in fading the blemishes. Mostly people get scared of wrinkles as the most telling sign of skin aging! But its interesting to know that its not wrinkles that bother so early and horribly the Indian skin as other problems do.. And on top of this, extra makeup to conceal these dark spots seem like an only quick solution but in the longer run, it would make the matter worse… yeah babes!! The major cause of dark spots and black spots on face is increased amount the melanin in the skin.
Like there are many reason behind the occurrence of dark spots fortunately there are several ways to remove the dark patches from skin.
Like lemon, onion juice also contain acidic contents that works like natural bleaching agent for your face. Curd contains some amazing that help in removal of impurities from the skin and it also lighten up the complexion.
Sandalwood and rosewater is very effective ingredient for removal of dark spots from your face.Took powdered sandalwood and rosewater in equal amount and make a fine mixture of these ingredients. The mixture of powdered orange peels and curd can be a good option for removal of dark spots from your face.
Lesson stretch marks, skin tone discolorations, and old acne scars by watching this video on how to use African Shea Butter (100% natural) to get rid of skin flaws. Apply blemish lightening serums twice a day or as per your dermatologist’s advice to get rid of the irking blemishes.
Include fresh fruit and vegetable juices and lots of fluids in your diet as they help in cleansing your body from toxins and make your skin look glowing and blemish free.

Darkened skin and those uneven parches are quite a nightmare for any beauty conscious person. You should better figure out some permanent and effective solution get rid of these darker slurs on your personality… wondering what to do… read on and you will know the right solution to fix the problem of dark spots and pigmentation! Once the amount of melanin get increased in skin rather than being dispersed evenly on the skin, the excess melanin pigments get clump in bunches and form noticeable black spot.The increase of melanin in skin happens due to over exposure of the sun. This is an incredible home remedy being used as organic bleaching agent to alleviate the dark spots on face.
Take three or four red onion and cut them into pieces and extract the juice from it using your juicer. Whether you went through a recent weight gain from eating a few too many ho hos or are recovering from post-pregnancy weight, stretch marks tend to pop up because your skin is stretching beyond that which its fibers can stay stable. Prepare a natural skin cleansing mixture using natural ingredients such as gram flour and rosewater to clean your skin. Skin care products which contain alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, and salicylic acid as they have the ability to clean the dirt and unblock the clogged skin pores to help get rid of the irking blemishes. These scar the skin and leave dark pigments. Though its not a problem only Indian men and women face. In fact you must know someone who is conscious of socializing only because their face is not as flawless and hence might become the topic of conversation which of course is not a good idea unless it reflects impeccably flawless beauty… right?? Hormonal imbalance in the body, deficiency of vitamins are also the reason that can cause dark spots on your skin. All that you have to do is take two to three lemons and squeeze the juice out of one lemon. Doing this for 20 to 25 days regularly can be very helpful in removal of darker spots from your face. The vitamin C and vitamin B helps in nourishing your skin cells, building collagen, apart from lightening the skin.
Try following this tip whenever you notice a blemish appearing on the skin to get rid of the swelling and redness. Take a clean cotton ball and dip it in the juice and now cleanse the darker patches of your skin.

All you need to do is apply curd to the affected areas of your face and leave it on for about 25 minutes. Then apply the mixture on your face and leave it for 25 min, and then wash you face with clean and normal water.
Dark spot and blemishes are most often caused by the regular and excess use of cosmetic products like foundations, moisturizers and night creams, etc.
Applying it directly to dark spots twice a day would be helpful in removal of darker spots from your face. Doing this regularly would help you to restore the glow of your skin and it eradicate the dark spot from your skin. Sandalwood is an incredible ingredient which helps in keeping your skin clean and free from blemishes. You can also cut lemons in equal parts and apply the open end of lemon on dark spot of your skin. Doing this home based treatment for one month would be helpful in removal of dark spots from your skin. The congested pores of skin are also a major reason behind development of dark spots and blemishes. You should go for lighter and non-comedogenic cosmetics products.Factors like improper diet, alcohol consumption, internal health problems, allergic reactions stress, overexposure to environmental irritants, absence of a proper skincare routine, and a genetic heredity also lead to black spot and blemishes. It is an important to eliminate any lingering onion aroma from your face.After all, our intention is to remove the dark spots here, not make people repel people with scent of onion.
The incredible herb is very helpful in getting rid the scars of skin, fenugreek also balance the blood flow and and reduce breakout from your skin.

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