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This is the best mouse you can buy today but it might not be for you, and I will explain why in a second. About half way through painting, I realized the HX 750 was about 1'' longer than old psu, blocking much of the pass-through on the mobo tray. FootwearChoosing supportive and comfortable footwear that fits (shoes or boots - that's up to you) is obvious advice. I anguished over removing the stuff on the bottom, but was concerned about weakening the chassis, so I left it. It's really more of a storage room for my construction stuff (hence the horrible lighting), but it works in a pinch. Paint was the same color as before (rustoleum metallic black), so I guess this more of a touch-up.

Removed the filter from the lower fan with Xacto and more (ouch) wire cutters.R4s installed. If you sustain an injury or start to get sore, help will be available along the trail to give you every chance to carry on. It might seem too simplistic to be important, but it's one that has been shown to be a good indicator for optimal footwear selection!Get expert advice - The team at Paddy Pallin are all geared up to provide you with the footwear range and fitting advice you need. But here are 3 tips to help you proactively anticipate and overcome injury:Consider your injury history - this will be where you're most likely to have trouble. If you're having trouble finding shoes that are comfortable and keep you pain-free, see a Podiatrist.Lacing - The whole reason for having laces is so you can optimise the fit of your shoe at all times. Anticipate it and plan ahead.Start training ASAP - The idea is that any problems will become apparent early, giving you time to sort them out well before the event.Calf stretches - Tight calf muscles wreck how feet work, to put it bluntly!

Put it on, leave your toes open for a few minutes so it can evaporate (it will only dry the skin when it evaporates), then put your shoes and socks on. It's one of the most common underlying causes for the pain, deformity and impaired performance I see on a daily basis.
You can have perfect shoes for your feet but if you have them too loose (or tight) you might as well not have bothered.
The Lace-Lock technique is a great one for blister prevention and for preventing bruising, abrasions and black nails, particularly on hilly terrain.

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