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Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in me trying (but not really, if we’re being honest) to lose the same pesky 10 post-Pinhoti pounds since the holidays.
So since my stomach and my brain aren’t in agreement on what constitutes proper portion control, I jumped for joy when Chobani asked me to check out their Simply 100 line of Greek yogurt. Luckily, Cascade Crest 100 training kicks off any day now, so my eating habits will once again be warranted. With a new racing season come new ultra runners who are probably trying to soak up every ounce of advice they can.
Sodium—S Caps, Tailwind, McDonald’s salt packets, ocean water—stay salty, my friends! Unless you’re an elite [if you are…I can’t help you, I’m so far from an elite I don’t even get to admire the asses + hamstrings of the slow elites!] you’re not going to give a flying fuck about your numbers when you’re out on the trails. This is very different from the average road runner’s view on running—and yes, I think I’m allowed to make that generalization; I ran exclusively on roads for years and every single 0.02 counted, damnit!
So while your weekly runs may look different than what you’re used to, you still have to train.
A road is a road, whether it’s hilly or flat or cambers to the right or has potholes. But try doing that on a trail, and you’ll be eating a mouthful of dirt for breakfast.
Well, now Heidi wants to know what the hell she’s doing wrong with this marathon training thing she’s attempting. Or, make yourself a “bio bag.” It’s simple—snag a resealable bag from your kitchen + a roll of fluorescent green duct tape from the junk drawer then force them to become besties. And if you’re a seasoned runner looking to go from a 50-miler to a 100-miler, that’s a whole separate beast. So if you want to build up to 25k, 50k, or 50 miles by the end of the year, do this series.
If you’re a badass female in the Southeast and want to dip your toe into trail running, come on out to our Women’s Trail Running Retreat on April 16th.
At the end of the day, you be you be you be you, but for the sake of everyone else out there, please be a responsible, self-aware version of you when you’re out on the trails living up life.
Admittedly, in my first post I only reviewed coffee shops within my little downtown Birmingham bubble, excluding many deserving cup of joe joints. Feast & Forest—More cafe and bakery than coffee shop, my new backyard neighbor serves Octane coffee, so they kinda count. Seeds—I visited Seeds when they first opened a few years ago and was uncomfortable with their strong Jesus vibe, so I purposely skipped them in my last post. Church Street Coffee & Books—While their coffee is legit, Church Street really stands out in my mind for their strong support of local authors. Pounds that had once been solid muscle have since melted into cottage cheese-y cellulite goodness.
I’ve won food-eating competitions, been cut off at all-you-can-eat restaurants, and can pack away ungodly amounts of mashed potatoes.
But despite running a billion miles a day, I’m going to try to make a conscious effort to keep my eating under control.
More importantly, there seems to be a significant increase in the number of runners wanting to do ultra marathons. There is always room for one more in the woods (if not, we kill them and leave them for the coyotes) [#truth], and I’m so glad that runners are expanding their goals and wanting to run previously-unfathomable distances. In fact, practicing power hiking is encouraged, and will often allow you to blow past stubborn slow runners on a race course. Okay, that’s a slight lie—you might care in the beginning, but when things go awry, [don’t worry, they eventually will] the only number you’re truly going to care about is the cutoff time at the next aid station or the percentage of battery you have left on your headlamp when you’re in the middle-of-nowhere at dark o’clock. At first, it was weird to ignore the numbers, but now the lack of regard I have toward the numbers is a huge part of how + why I love the trails. It often allows you to blissfully zone out for the duration of your run, where nothing matters but the sound of your breath and the pounding of your feet and the sleepy chatter of your friends. Trails require you to be hyper-present in the moment, with your mind going full speed watching for every single rock and root and snake that can roll your ankle. Wrap the duct tape around the resealable bag and blammy, you have a place for your TP + tampons + gross things and no one is the wiser. Sure, you signed up for a 50K which is technically 31.06 miles, but do not be surprised when you end up running 32 miles.

A former photography studio and art gallery, the interior is industrial and reminds me of my loft, so I felt right at home. Their breakfast sandwich was on point, but their brew of CounterCulture coffee was a bit bitter.
Located on busy University Ave, parking is atrocious and not worth the effort unless you’re walking from UAB. It’s absolutely gorgeous inside with white wood panels and a dark bar, making the space feel both large and cozy. Plus, they have these chocolate chip and sea salt Breakup Cookies that are out of this fucking world. From doing your brows to fixing your makeup, there are a number of beauty tricks that can be done with a simple spoon. I love me some plain, full-fat, Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream, mayo, milk, cream, cream cheese, etc. But it may sound like I’m being an elitist bitch (if the running shoe fits…), so I brought my Colorado-based ultra running superstar runabler, Heidi, into the fray for a slightly different perspective. They aren’t the end-all-be-all of running, but they do come with nature and mountains and dirt and cool people and Rice Krispie Treats and more dirt and scenery and hot chocolate and rocks and wild critters and…a lot of awesome things!
Plus, the best part of trail running how easy it is to become a plain ol’ hiker if the trail is kicking your butt when there’s someone there to see you struggle…a great cue to reign it in + perfect the power hike! Or so I’m told; I’m still running down technical, rocky trails in an attempt to become a faster descender.
They require you to problem-solve as you’re figuring out the best way to power-hike a hill while taking in calories while not throwing up your intestines. Okay, slight exaggeration, but seriously, since I started running more trails, I seriously struggle on the roads…and I’m pretty sure this is a two-way street. A trusty pair of trail shoes will drain quickly and efficiently after your water crossings. Well, I’ll know what it’s for but I’ll also know not to touch it because I’m only cool with my own gross when it comes to bio bags. Because something happens at mile 51 where your body goes, “What the actual fuck, dude?” and starts to fight you in every way possible. David and Marye Jo Tosch run the Southeastern Trail Series from April to November, where the races increase in distance and difficulty, culminating in a 25k, 50k, and for the first time ever this year, a 50!
Between the free refills and lack of crowds, this is a decent hiding space to work for a few hours. Now I need to do silly things like work out and run for days on end to counteract my caloric intake. It has a boatload of protein, which is a huge win if you’re not always eating meat—I assume because Greek cows produce more protein-y milk? Get your butt out on the trails, take it all in, enjoy every moment you have out there [except the ones that suck…wait until your selective memory kicks in to truly enjoy those moments].
You’ll find yourself either munching on a handful of those Hunger Games berries or sacrificing your calorie-depleted body to a pack of wild turkeys. So when you start thinking about a 100, you better pull up your britches and get on your sufferfest, because it ain’t going to be pretty, kids. When you’re running on trails, you can’t just stop randomly when you hit the “finish” distance, you have to go to the next trailhead…so courses run long. Who also happens to revel in making runners suffer as much as possible in as few miles as possible.
Their regular drip coffee had a light, almost floral taste that I actually enjoyed, despite my affinity for dark, muddy coffee.
They now serve our local Trim Tab beer on tap, and their coffee was delicious, as was their cappuccino that my friend Kelly drank. I clearly need to always be actively training to run stupid-long distances, because I always eat as if I am about to run 100 miles. Trails will rock your socks off [literally, if you’re lucky] but they are NOT easy peasy, lemon squeezy! A morning wood hard (blah, road running) vs drunken wood hard (yay, endurance trail running!).
Your legs scream and your upper body aches in ways you never thought were possible, and you’re hungry and nauseous and delirious and more tired than you have ever been in your life. Instead, show the 10 people behind you how feasible it is to preserve the trails + respect the wilderness by going THROUGH the mud.

Start with positioning the inner surface of the spoon on the apple of your cheek and then, apply the contouring product (no matter whether it is a cream, powder or stick) on the hollow along the bottom edge of the spoon. Yet you keep moving forward toward that finish line, because that’s what ultra runners do. Own the struggle, strengthen those stabilizer muscles [or own those trail-tumble scars] + cut yourself some slack! Embrace your inner sherpa, invest in a water bottle or hydration pack, and stuff it full of enough food and water to survive two weeks in the woods. Outside the fact that being covered from head-to-toe in mud makes you look badass, running on the trail itself instead of tiptoeing like a ballerina around the puddles prevents trail erosion. It’s a basic Leave No Trace principle and, quite frankly, if you’re committing to spending time in the wilderness then you need to commit a little time to perusing
You’re putting your body through a hell of a lot physically and mentally with each passing mile. There is no lead biker or cheering spectators to keep you on course; you’ll be on your own more than once and getting lost is a real possibility. They suffer through the most miserable conditions and emotions, and come out on the other side alive. Oh, and open your mind to the sufferfest; it’s a painful bitch but it is precisely what keep us coming back for more. Yes, aid stations look close on a map, but it may take you 1.5 hours to go those four miles. Shape the ‘Arch’The curved sides of a large spoon can turn out to be your most reliable friend to get perfectly shaped eyebrow arches. That’s two hours on your feet and a healthy dose of reality about how trail miles + road miles are NOT the same thing!
And you’ll be happy you carried all the things when you bonk in-between said aid stations. People worked hard to create them, and by stepping off the trail itself you’re both damaging the delicate forest ecosystem and giving those trail volunteers a big Eff You.
There is no air conditioning to escape to and no one to flag down and drive you back to your car. Arrange the curve in a line with the upper and lower section of your brow respectively and outline it with the help of a brow pencil lightly. Especially since as a noob you’ll be looking more like a newborn fawn and less like Sage Canaday out there. Most of the time there’s not even cell service to call your knight in shining armor for help. Shove your trash into your handheld, vest, pack, bra, shorts, socks, and toss it as soon as you can. And accidents happen to the best of us, me included, but not being prepared is a bad reason to send EMTs looking for you. It requires countless hours and miles of successes and failures and trial and error to train your body both physically and mentally.
Create a straight line by aligning the handle with the outer corner of your eye at the angle of your lower lash line. Apply MascaraPrevent mess while applying mascara by placing the straight lower part of the spoon against your skin.
There is no need to be tricky during the application as the spoon will work as a wall amid the skin and the lashes. Just make sure that your lashes are pressed by the mascara wand against the spoon to get complete coverage.6. Next morning, take them out and glide under your eyes by placing their backsides against your skin. You need to put a little pressure while sweeping the spoons towards the outer corners of your eyes.7. Fix Broken ProductsWhat if you end up breaking your newly purchased beauty and makeup products accidentally? Just pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the product and apply light pressure on it with the backside of the spoon.

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