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Bloating can be prevented by taking certain preventive measures and incorporating small changes in your daily routine.
Bloating is rarely serious, but as it is sometimes associated with certain digestive disorders and allergies. Certain fiber-containing foods like cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts) can cause gas production.
It may seem counter-intuitive, but drinking lots of water and eating fruits and veggies with a high water content can actually help reduce bloating. This delicious breakfast food hasn’t been specifically linked to bloating, but it could make a difference if you experience constipation or gas, which do often go hand in hand with bloating. Join us as we share some no-nonsense tutorials about frugal beauty tips and natural health tips.
If you’re like 91% of women, dealing with bloat and other digestive issues is something that you struggle with daily.
What most women don’t know is that the real cause of bloating is too much fermentation in the digestive tract. When you order Happy Belly between today and March 21, you’ll get amazing bonuses and prizes, like Nadya’s favorite recipes, shopping lists, MP3 meditations, special online courses from guest experts, tools for self-care, and more! Bloating can be the result of overeating, constipation, menstruation, irritable bowel syndrome, PMS, peptic ulcer and smoking. Do not eat quickly- When you eat too quickly you end up swallowing a lot of air, which may lead to bloating and gas.
Alternate your alcohol and aerated drinks for lemon water- People often have this misconception that if they are feeling bloated they should skip or avoid drinking too much water, which is obviously not true. Don’t eat chewing gum often- When you chew chewing gum you actually swallow a lot of air unknowingly, which may lead to bloating. Limit your sodium intake- Processed food items are relatively very high in sodium content and low in fibre content, which may lead to a bloated stomach.
Fennel seeds- Fennel seeds accommodate carminative, pain reducing, diuretic and anti-microbial properties which help relieve abdominal bloating by relaxing contraction in muscles in the digestive tract. Ginger- Ginger has active compounds such as gingerols and shogaols that help in reducing inflammation in the intestines and relax the digestive muscles.
Warm lemon water- Lemons are rich in riboflavin, vitamin b and c, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Bloating makes our jeans feel a little bit tighter, puffs up our stomachs and can sometimes even give us gas and an uncomfortable feeling of pressure. It can happen for several reasons: food allergies and intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and pre-menstrual syndrome—but more often than not, eating certain foods that either produce gas or cause your body to retain water is the culprit.
If you suspect lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance or celiac disease, or if you have other symptoms such as diarrhea or abdominal pain with eating, see your doctor. Salty foods cause your body to retain water, which will give you the classic bloated stomach. But like everything on this list, there’s no need to abstain completely from the foods and drinks you enjoy.

Pineapple is a prime example—delicious and tropical, it’s also great at flushing your system out because of the combination of enzymes it has. While cheese and milk (especially if you’re lactose intolerant or even just sensitive to dairy) can cause your stomach to puff up, yogurt can help slim you down.
But here’s even more reason to love bananas: They’re high in potassium, which can help combat water retention from salty foods. We would love to see more of you, please LIKE us on Facebook so you don’t miss a post, giveaways and announcements. Excess gas is never a pleasant thing, though everyone experiences it at one time or another.
My friend Nadya Andreeva, certified wellness coach and author, struggled with feeling bloated for years — even looking 5 months pregnant at times.
If you’re eating with others, put down your fork between bites and let the flavor and the experience of food be your only focus.
Coarse or poorly chewed fiber will delay passage through the digestive system and slow the rate at which the food is digested and absorbed.
Prepare fennel tea by crushing one teaspoon of fennel seeds and adding it to one cup of water in a pot. Get Happy Belly today to receive all these bonuses and start having optimal digestive health, glowing skin, and freedom from food fear! Bloating can be a very uncomfortable may also lead to flatulence, shortness of breath, back pain, cramps and even diarrhoea. It is advisable to go for a stroll or a long walk after eating your supper if you don’t want to end up feeling bloated and blocked up. If you have this habit of chewing gum, try to swap it with sucking a candy or snack on an apple or carrot or popcorn. To avoid this situation make it a habit of reading the labels of food items before buying them. Instead, try eating small frequent meals as this will make you feel fuller for a longer duration and will also subside the bloated feeling. It also contains antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties which relieve bloating and gas as well as joint pain, heartburn and menstrual cramps. Lemons encourages the production of hydrochloric acid which assists the body to break down food particles efficiently making it easy for the body to digest the food. Bloating is temporary — but you can help your body out by nibbling on certain bloat-busting foods, as well as avoiding a few that cause bloating to begin with.
The way that you eat a food can also make you bloat, too — like eating too quickly or drinking from a straw. But beans are also high in fiber and protein, so you shouldn’t necessarily nix ‘em from your diet! If you’re just chewing gum to freshen your breath, try a mint instead to avoid the bloating side effects. Moderation is key, but if you already do feel bloated, that glass of seltzer water won’t do you any good.

Sipping on some peppermint tea, taking peppermint oil supplements or even sucking on some peppermint candy can help soothe your system if you feel bloated. Unripe bananas have a certain starch that can cause gas, however, so make sure you eat ripe bananas to help with bloating. Fiber does help maintain bowel regularity, and avoiding constipation is one way to avoid bloating. Maybe you spend 45 minutes just searching through your clothes, just trying to find an outfit that will hide your bloated belly!
So if you don’t chew a slice of bread or a piece of potato properly, you’re leaving a lot more work for your stomach and it will take longer. This happens because when our body does not get enough water it goes into water saving mode so as to prevent the body from getting dehydrated. Taking a supplement like Beano (available at grocery stores) before a meal, which is a tablet that contains an enzyme that helps your body digest foods, can keep you stay gas (and bloat!) free. Try eating smaller portions at a time or taking a supplement like Beano or a gas-reducing pill like simethicone, both of which you can buy at a pharmacy or grocery story, if you’re worried about gas and bloating.
It is theorized that bromelain decreases inflammation and can help reduce bloating, but to my knowledge there is little actual scientific research into the specific topic.
Better yet, meet friends for walks or for a tea and keep social eating to minimum until your gut is healthy and strong. If you are feeling extremely hungry, then snack on some nuts or fruits first to subside your urge to eat your meal in one large gulp. But keep in mind that you still need to consume a proper diet and calorie content according to your needs. These include processed foods such as canned foods, frozen meals, chips, pretzels, lunch meat, bacon, hot dogs and cheese. Pineapples also contain potassium, which helps combat water retention caused by eating foods high in salt. Various other active compounds block signals of nausea and vomiting from reaching the brain and may reduce intestinal spasms.
This good bacteria helps your intestines process foods better, beating bloating at the same time.
Adding lemon (which is diuretic) to your drinking water ensures that your body doesn’t store excess water. Some intestinal gas is caused by ‘bad’ bacteria breaking down food in your GI tract and releasing gas in the process.

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