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The online women's magazine for fashion, make up, beauty, nails, shoes, hair, love, dating, relationship, wedding, parenting, health, lifestyle, tattoo, kids, careers, jobs, celebrities, news and many more for women by women. Farah Billah’s Bengali Girls In The Wild Series Is BADASS!LifestyleMost of us living in India make our own assumptions about what an Indian girl who grew up in a western country would be like. They claim to have tried all the possible deodorants and roll on products with the hope of obtaining some relief.
Deodorants are a cover up method and provide respite for only a matter of hours; at the most 1or 2 hours.

Those with severe body odour issues may be required to bathe twice a day particularly after performing tasks that caused you to break into a seat. Sonam makes us want to get lost in London whereas Shahid and Mira are making us want to go on a romantic holiday! If yes, you need to do something about that nasty repellent smell that puts you down before others. And after that you’re back at square one, sweating and smelling like you’ve not had a bath for the past few days. In fact, the chemicals in deodorants may interact with the bacteria making the problem worse.

When the bacteria mingle with the sweat, it releases chemicals that have a strong, pungent odour.

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