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Learn more about treatment of skin boils over here, so that you could get rid of them in easy and faster way.
If the boil is threatening to become an abscess, and is present deep in the skin, then myristica3x helps to open up the boil and discharge the pus.
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How to get rid of chest acne and back acne : diy tips, My personal method of ridding my chest and back of acne!. If the boil bursts, remove the pus by gently putting pressure on the surrounding skin and clean the area thoroughly.
In early stages of boil when it is fiery red in colour and having throbbing pain, take belladonna 30 twice daily.
The herbal remedies mentioned in ayurveda for skin boils are ginger, garlic, turmeric, tea tree oil, azadirachita indica etc.

If a pus point has not appeared, apply a paste of sandalwood, turmeric, rose water and vinegar over the boil.
If the boil is in suppurating condition and very painful to touch, take hepar sulph in 3x power to promote suppuration and drain the pus.

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