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Weevil bugs are insects that infest various crops and food and are mostly a nuisance to every household. Put bay leaves or neem leaves at the base of the container in which you store the food or grains. Do not store food like grains and flour for a very long time, as this increases the risk of infestation.
The safe chemicals to use around food products to get rid of the weevils are eucalyptus and pyrethrins. They are found in various types such as boll weevil, flour weevil, wheat weevils, rose weevils, bean weevils.
They feed on cotton buds and flowers and almost destroyed the cotton industry in the United States in 1920s'.

Seal up any cracks or crevices, use sprays available in the market that are safe to use in food storage places.
What are the distinct characteristics of these insects that will make it easy for you to recognize them? However, the use and development of new pesticides saved the industry from being devastated. Storing food grains and flour in clear bags or containers helps you in observing the food for any kind of infestation. These insects manage to gain entry into food from almost anywhere, and can spread into other food as well. There are certain bugs that infest food which are actually beetles but to avoid any further confusion are referred to as weevils, such as those in flour or beans.

Discarding infested food is the best option rather than risking the health and well-being of your family.
If you do see them in your food, it is recommended that you throw it away and clean up and look for them in other food as well.

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