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Tell your dermatologist of any medical conditions you may have, as some conditions predispose people to broken blood vessels.
Always follow doctor's recommendations before and after treatment for broken blood vessels. Painful, swollen areas with broken blood vessels should be reviewed by a medical professional. Broken blood vessels are in most cases more of a cosmetic problem than one that requires any medical attention.
Broken blood vessels in the face develop because of sun exposure, aging, inflammatory conditions such as rosacea, stress and certain foods. When small capillaries break under the surface of your eye, the trapped blood shows through until your eye absorbs it.
On the face and legs, burst capillaries cause red, purple or bluish hairline marks, also called spider veins.

The photo demonstrates broken blood vessels on the leg, near the knee, mixed with other veinous abnormalities. Conditions that may cause broken blood vessels include rosacea, a common skin disorder usually affecting people with fair skin. Depending on your condition, the doctor may be able to inject medicine into the area (sclerotherapy) to shrink the broken blood vessel or use a laser to remove the vessel.
These include creams with Vitamin K, Vitamin E and calendula available at health food stores and pharmacies nationwide.
While broken blood vessels such as spider veins aren't usually life-threatening, they often make people self-conscious, particularly if the broken blood vessels appear on the face. Both treatments are usually done in the doctor's office and may be done the same day or at subsequent appointments, depending upon the physician. Dermatologists, or physicians who treat skin problems, get rid of broken blood vessels in a variety of ways.

Seek a dermatologist who specializes in treatment of vein abnormalities, such as spider veins and varicose veins. Your doctor will take a complete medical history, review the areas you point out where you want to get rid of broken blood vessels, discuss treatment plans and review options and costs with you. Coverup makeup is an easy, affordable way to hide unsightly blood vessels, and such makeup is available in waterproof formulas for use on legs and arms too.
The two most common treatment methods are sclerotherapy, which uses injections into the broken blood vessel to shrink it, and laser therapy. Both include anesthetics to minimize discomfort and can be completed in the doctor's office.

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