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Phototoxic botanical substances in citrus fruit can cause unsightly erythema, blisters, dark spots and bruise-like lesions when skin is exposed to UV rays.
Use these basic healthy habits to retain the shine, elasticity and vibrancy of your skinKeeping skin healthy can be quite challenging at times. It’s the perfect time of the year to get outside and enjoy great outdoor festivalsMay is a beautiful month in Michigan. A few warning signs of vitamin C deficiency include problems oral problems, easy brusing and problems with hair skin and nails. Among the essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body, vitamin C is probably the most important since it strengthens the immune system that helps get rid of illnesses. If a person suddenly has unexplained bruises or develops bruising from very light bumps, this may be a warning sign of vitamin C deficiency.
Similarly, vitamin C is essential to the formulation of collagen in skin allowing cuts and scrapes to heal faster.
Since hair and nails are non-essential tissues, nutrients such as vitamin C are delivered to more important parts of the body first.

Dry hair and skin despite the use of lotions, moisturizers and conditioners can be a cause for concern.
Vitamin C is extremely important for good oral health as the lack of it can cause gum deterioration. Because Vitamin C is essential for a strong and healthy immune system, vitamin C deficiency may cause infections due to a compromised immune system.
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Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar Relationship: a€™19 Kids and Countinga€™ Star Insulted In Public With Father Jim Bob? Flowers are blooming everywhere, from Holland, home of the Tulip Time celebration, to Mackinac Island and the Lilac Festival. The University of Michigan Health System suggests that people who bruise easily should increase their vitamin C intake since the vitamin is known to reduce bruising.
The essential vitamin is also a powerful antioxidant, which encourages faster healing, according to Natural Living Ideas.

This means that problems with hair, skin and nails may mean a warning sign of vitamin C deficiency. Studies show that taking in vitamin C supplements can contribute to better skin appearance and less wrinkles. Although signs of oral problems may mean the deficiency is quite severe, low levels of vitamin C may lead to an increased risk of gum disease such as soft tissue damage and gum inflammation. People may find themselves easily irritated or short-tempered, which may otherwise be out of character to them.
People who develop colds, flus and infections easily and more frequently should take these as a warning sign of vitamin C deficiency. As a self-esteem enthusiast, brow expert and skin advocate, her no-nonsense approach and eccentric outlook are difficult to ignore.

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