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Our concept is simple and uniquea€¦ we only have one goal a€“ provide the highest level of quality service and products based on a continuous assessment of the changing economic situation and the needs of our customers a€“ CRISFEIS South Trade INC, has developed a strong and well-deserved reputation for ensuring that their clients' needs are handled efficiently and with a great deal of sensitivity. A true bicycle addict doesn't let some cold weather keep them off their favorite mode of transportation, but just in case you need that extra push, we've collected a handful of awesome cycle-centric stories that will remind you why you love your bike so much. Sometimes not wanting to get on a bicycle is as uncomplicated as having a sore rear end from all the bumps hit along the way, but Tortola’s amazing Roundtail bicycle reduces these painful vibrations by as much as 50 times. We love humanitarian design, but it doesn’t get much better than a bike that helps underprivileged folk in Ghana.
Israeli designer Ron Arad needs few introductions, so it comes as no surprise that he has WOWed us again with this incredible (and functional) steel-wheeled bicycle. Our professional teams are here to provide you with a wide range of electronics alternatives for all your needs.
We would greatly appreciate if you would take a few moments to look at our website and consider if we can be of any advantage to you and your company. We've got you covered with cool projects ranging from record-playing bikes to a Bicycle Library and Ron Arad's WOW bike, which has flower-shaped wheels made of steel.

The team outfitted a 30 year old Alpina bike with turntables and a battery-powered amplifier so that the bike pumps out tunes while the user pedals down the street.
This striking cargo bike effortlessly combines utility and style while performing in a variety of terrains. These urban bikes have a USB gadget port that connects to a hub on the wheel, harvesting the energy created while pedaling.
That’s kind of how we felt when we first saw the Bicycle Library founded by Karta Healy. Mary Hark, professor at the Design Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and founder of HARK!
Step on in and flip through our gallery for a look at 7 amazing innovations that are sure to evoke your inner biking muse. The beige platform in front has tall walls and guard rails so that nothing will fall out – a major improvement on old-fashioned basket bikes. And even when there are no gadgets plugged in, the same system charges your bicycle’s lights!

Along with a few friends, he re-vamped a double decker bus and populated it with bicycles that are available for Londoners to loan. The shock of impacts is transferred to two hollow round tubes at the back of the bicycle, where conventionally, designers have triangles.
We hope that if you needed some prodding to get hit the road, this collection of projects has got you inspired!
Instead, invasive plant species are converted into paper, so this project provides exercise, a small income, and gets rid of pesky plants that mess disrupt the local ecosystem.

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