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If you combine a pinch of salt in Vicks VapoRub and apply it on a fresh bruise, it will help you get rid of it quickly. 10 Delicious Ways to Have the Best s*x of Your LifeTHIS JUICE OF ONLY THREE INGREDIENTS – CLEANSES THE BODY OF TOXINS, INCREASES METABOLISM AND HELPS WITH WEIGHT LOSS.
Hickeys are also called kiss marks and love bites, but are simply just a bruise near the neck or somewhere else on the body caused by sucking. Hiding a hickey may simply be the best option if the sucking lasted longer than 30 seconds.
Healing a hickey can be as simple as taking an ice pack or cold compress and applying directly to the affected area. Applying a cooling substance such as ice will constrict the blood vessels and capillaries which can get rid of a hickey almost immediately. This will push and encourage the extra leftover blood to leave the skin and retreat back to the vein.
Ok so if any of you guys know how to get rid of hickeys fast or make them completly unnoticible in the span of a day without causing any skin damage that would be great!
Hickeys occur when the capillaries or the small blood vessels underneath the skin have become ruptured from sucking or biting hard on soft skin. Applying ice or cold compresses reduces swelling caused by hickeys by constricting the blood vessels and allow blood circulation. Peppermint oil has a stimulating effect on blood circulation to prevent blood clotting, swelling, and dark marks on the affected skin. Note: Applying pressure with your fingers or a lipstick case can also reduce and cure hickeys. Use a warm compress 2 a€“ 3 days after receiving a hickey to help dilate the blood vessels and speed the blood dispersing process from the bruised area. Note: You can alternately use a hair dryer or reusable heat patch combined with a gentle massage. Cocoa butter, also known as theobroma oil or theobroma cacao, is vegetable fat extracted from cocoa beans and is a natural moisturizer and a great healing agent. Witch hazel contains tannins which tighten skin proteins which speeds healing, prevents bleeding, and cures pain and inflammation.
Apple cider vinegar is a natural agent used 24 a€“ 36 hours after receiving a hick and helps to increase blood flow to the skina€™s surface which, in turn, makes the body re-adsorb the blood pooling underneath the skin. Pineapple contains bromelain which, when applied topically, dissolves blood clots, fades bruising, and reduces pain and inflammation.
Parsley is fully loaded with volatile oils like myristicin, limonene, eugenol and alpha-thujene, flavonoids such as apigenin, apiin, luteolin and crisoeriol, and vitamins, like vitamin C, that cure swelling and reduce blood clots and damage to blood vessels. Store the remaining aloe in an airtight container in the refrigerator for further use within 48 hours.
To reduce redness, regularly pour eye drops on the affected area, let it dry, and rinse with cold water.

Apply preparation H gel or cream to the affected area to restrict blood vessels and swelling. Regularly apply lotion or cream that is rich in vitamin K 2 a€“ 3 times daily until results are visible.
Pycnogenol is an anti-oxidant generally made from pine tree bark which strengthens capillaries, arteries, and veins and prevents the bruising.
Over the counter medications such as aspirin and Excedrin can help ease the pain associated with hickeys and increase blood circulation. Consult a doctor or health care provider if hickeys do not go away after two weeks as it may cause other health problems.
Some hickeys can last longer than a week and will heal with time, but we are going to give you a few tips to get rid of a hickey overnight! This method works best if it has only been a few hours or minutes since the hickey appeared. Known for its many positive effects such as anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties, Aloe Vera has been used all over as a home remedy for many things. Place two fingers over the hickey and rub them in a circular motion for 15 minutes at a time to increase circulation which will encourage the hickey to go away. My boyfriend gave me two little hickys on the neck and I’ve tried using rubbing alcohol but it still looks redish purple…and it shows.
In the heat of the moment, you werena€™t thinking about the pain and discomfort not the mark itself. The affected skin immediately turns red, dark purple, and then brown as the blood dries under the skin.
The longer you wait after receiving a hickey, the harder it is to make it go away for home remedies. Generally, arnica herb is used to make many homeopathic creams and gels that are widely used to relieve pain. This also helps to reabsorb the blood into the bloodstream and additionally lightens skin tone. It also breaks down blood proteins to prevent blood from clotting and causing bruising and hickeys. These foods are rich in vitamin C and K and enzymes such as papain and bromelain which have healing properties.
Foods containing vitamin K include cabbage, brown rice, kale, spinach, soybean oil, broccoli, and fish oil. Many people see hickeys as an intimate show of affection which can cause embarrassing situations for anyone. Although this process usually takes between 2 to 4 days, a hickey will clear up completely by the end of the week. When you or your partner was sucking the skin, the blood raised to the skin and got stuck there.

Use some fresh aloe vera gel or purchase a cream that contains aloe vera extract to naturally get rid of a hickey. The good news is the redness from the scratching will go away faster than the hickey would in the first place. This method works extremely well and have been proven time an time again to effectively eliminate hickeys overnight if done correctly. But when you have to attend a party with the family members or a business meeting, hickeys or dark marks become very embarrassing. It stimulates blood and increases white blood cell circulation, reducing healing time and inflammation. If a hickey lasts longer than a week, consider visiting a professional health care doctor for further advice as there may be a more serious problem. The blood clots need to be broken apart instead of healed with time so that the blood has a chance to spread.
Soak a cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol and place directly onto the hickey for about 5 minutes.
I wouldn’t recommend this method for hickeys around the neck area as they may make the spot darker since the skin is already super sensitive. There are also many foods which contain vitamin K such as: rice, soybeans, fish, and broccoli. Since many hickeys can be covered with a shirt, just wear a long sleeve shirt that isn’t see through. Then use the coin to push down and lather like you’re spreading peanut butter on waffles. Learning how to get rid of a bad hickey can be as simple as trying to hide it with clothes, as your only other option for a really dark spot is to cover it up with makeup. This takes quite a bit of force, but don’t push so hard that the skin bleeds even more.
Strawberries contain salicyclic acid, which is a natural blood thinner and can act as a home remedy.
Hickeys can be passionate and a wonderful experience, but when it comes to Monday morning when you have to start work and try to hide it, it can be quite embarrassing.
Some even grow their hair out in a way that hides their neck for the sole purpose of hiding one.
Vigorously apply lotion after this method to keep your skin health and avoid any further problems. They are caused when suction from the mouth causes tiny blood vessels to burst near the skin, leaving a red mark.

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