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My piercer recommended compresses instead of soaks, which I found helped a lot in regards to how much the piercing puss'd and with the swelling and so on. I have a bump on the top and bottom of the piercing, and they're going down little by little. I still have bump's on the top and bottom but they're going away I'd say it's almost healed. I broke my iPhone yesterday and it's being sent out to get fixed, so I'll have to take pictures on my old android that has a shitty camera -_- Anyways. I just soaked a bunch of cotton balls in the sea salt solution and hold one at each end and lightly press down to as much pressure as you can take.

My ear isn't swollen anymore (I don't think so at least :k haha) and it's not sore anymore. Mine is just over 6 or 7 months old right now and still puss's a little and I'm still dealing with tiny bumps but is otherwise good.

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