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This condition develops when you peel off the top layer of the skin by improper use of razor. Bathe before you shave: For you to get that oh-so-smooth shave, it?s important to get your skin well hydrated. Use shaving cream: You can very well use soap, but the problem with it, especially if you?ve razor-sensitive skin, is it just lubricates and doesn?t soothe. Use hydrocortisone: The moment you find redness on the skin, dab hydrocortisone cream to the area. Although you generally do manage to handle the situation by some quick fix methods, you generally remain clueless on how to get rid of razor burn. You slap the cream on the skin and quickly shave it off, resulting in chafed, red skin that looks so gross, as to dash all hopes of showing off your shapely legs or smooth jaws in public. The redness is basically a response to tissue injury, as the blood vessels of the area dilate and become red to allow increased blood flow to heal the wound. A good quality shaving cream, on the other, contains aloe or some other soothing ingredient that takes care of razor inflicted cuts and scrapes. It?ll not only make the redness disappear, but will also take the sting and irritation out of it.

However, if your razor burns don't seem to heal in a few days or look infected, it?s best to see a physician. If you are not sure if what you are feeling is a heartburn, remember that this is the type of pain behind the breastbone that can spread throughout your chest and even up to your throat.
And the bad news is razor burn is hard to get rid off, as every time you shave, you again manage to irritate the skin. This way the hairs become softer and skin tender to allow the razor blade to glide over the skin instead of scraping. However, while using shaving cream, don?t just apply it and shave, but let it remain on the skin for couple of minutes to soften the hair. This certainly gives you a close shave, but cuts the hair so short the stubbles get trapped below the skin.
Hydrocortisone does this simply by constricting the blood vessels so less blood reaches the affected area, saving you from embarrassing redness.
While most people might think that this is a disease, you have to know now that heartburn is known to be a symptom. I searched the world far and wide for cures and I found this little gem from Instructables.

But, beware of overdose, which may make the skin redder and may even enlarge the blood vessels, resulting in stretch marks! The stomach muscle should not relax and should not let the gas acids go up but when this happens, it can result to heartburn. If you already have acid reflux, you may want to know the various things that you can do to solve it at the soonest possible time.10 Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Heart BurnChewing GumYou may not realize this but chewing gum can help a lot in getting rid of acid reflux. Do remember that you can also use Aloe to help get rid of the pain brought about by heartburn. You are recommended to drink it before each meal.MilkThere are some people who are not aware that milk can be effective in getting rid of acid reflux probably because of the fact that milk is sometimes connected to pain in the digestive system. Related Posts How to Get Rid of Keloid Scars Easily Natural Home Remedy For Appendicitis How to Stop Farting-Causes Symptoms and Treament Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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