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The magical, mystical Burning Man festivities in Black Rock Desert, Nevada ended last month, so by now most revelers have set down their goggles and scarves and headed back to reality. Filed Under: Clean Eating, Eating Clean, Metabolism, Nutrition, Weight Loss Tagged With: Clean Eating, Nutrition, Self-Awareness, Weight Loss, Weightlifting BasicsBuild MORE MUSCLE with every workout! I will just add that (as you know) any strength training regimen that adds muscle does in fact improve resting metabolism. Right now, I’ve been working on lowering my caloric intake to lose some extra pounds slowly, but trying to keep my diet mostly clean in the process. I'm a teacher at heart who started this blog to share my passion for lifting weights, clean eating, and the feeling of personal empowerment that goes along with having a strong, fit body. There is so much misinformation out there with big claims, but that are simply not true and in some cases unhealthy. Now I circuit train in my own special way while still lifting decent weights so I can burn more calories than the average person lifting but that is me & most people would not do what I do. Even with some of the valid claims, people are still going to have to work hard at this weight loss & build muscle stuff.
But I’m 100 percent with you in observing that most women work out at a much lower intensity than they need for good results.

Those bodybuilders are surely on a restricted calorie diet as well, as you already know from your own personal success! The fastest way to lose fat is by decreasing your daily calories (a deficit of 500 kcals per day will create a one pound loss per week) combined with aerobic exercise 5 to 6 times per week and strength training 2 to 3 times per week. It’s about consistently moving and nourishing your body, select the things that support your goals.
This could cause a lot of frustration for one who is gaining muscle but still can’t get visible abs.
Me thinks I’ll eat a prune, and then wash it down with a few cake slices to test this theory.
So even if you do all the yoga poses and strength training workouts on Pinterest, you won’t burn away all your belly fat or back fat (sorry!). I’m pretty discriminating about what I share, however, because many of the titles (like the ones above) set up incredibly unrealistic expectations. During a recent perusal on Pinterest I found a picture of a woman using a resistance band and the caption, Bra-Strap Lift: Get Rid of Extra Fat around the Bra. Now, this is just plain misleading. Strength training in particular is touted as the miracle cure for belly fat, flabby triceps and butt, etc.

Of course, one could argue that if it gets people lifting weights, then it’s doing good.
The more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn without even changing your diet. But in the short term, you probably shouldn’t rely solely on strength training to burn fat as many online sources claim. Muscles grow from high tension overload (heavy resistance), not light resistance done until you drop. I recommend a combination of strength training and cardio for weight loss, in addition to a clean diet.
Of course, strength training can do wonderful things for your body, including: Raise your metabolism over time by increasing muscle mass, thereby helping to burn fat Change your body composition to a higher lean muscle mass percentage, which will help burn fat Increase your energy levels, which can indirectly help burn fat And if you strength train vigorously enough, you can certainly get your sweat on.

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