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If you need cat help, click my Nationwide List of Stray Cat Removal Experts for a pro near you. If you don’t own a cat and all of the sudden you end up with a whole litter of kittens chances are that the litter came from feral cats, or cats that don’t have a home. Dumpsters are also a good source of food, not only for the garbage that is in the can but also for the small critters that it draws to it. It is a good idea to close off and screen any areas that are below or under porches and decks.
Little kittens are cute and we all have a tendency to want to cuddle up to them if we see one, but unless you want to keep the kittens do not touch or try and take care of them. One technique that may be used to keep the feral cats out of your yard is to have a motion detected water sprinkler system.
Even the sweetest of pooches or kindest of kitties can quickly become Dogenstein and Catzilla when you’re dealing with pet hair.
It’s no secret that if you have a pet, you make peace with the pet hair and accept how much vacuuming you’ve got to do.
Rather than using a vacuum, switch to an electrostatic dust mop for pet hair on hard floors, at least for a first pass.
Now, just my opinion here, if you are planning a reno, you may want to consider ditching carpets altogether, something I wish we’d do, in favour of hard floors which are notably easier to keep clean than carpets, plus, you don’t’ get the odour and dander issues that come along with carpet.
You can also use a dry rubber squeegee or rubber broom to lift up any pet hair from carpets. If your carpet corners and edges are darkened, it means you’ve got a hefty hair build up you need to deal with. For hair on upholstery, you can use a common household cleaning item to get rid of it very easily. If your pet has a favorite hot spot to hang out on, place a washable blanket on the furniture to cover it up.
And I guess this is kind of furniture related, get your air ducts cleaned annually if you can swing it. So of all the pet hair questions we get asked, this one has to be the biggest area of concern.
Start by pre-treating your load of clothing by placing them in the dryer for 10 minutes on a heat-free, tumble-only cycle.
Now, shake each garment out before placing in the washing machine to rid it of any extra hair and wash as you normally would.
Now, dryer sheets can help reduce static cling, which helps break the bond between remaining hair and clothing. Remember, every hair you can manage to remove from your pet is one less hair you have to clean up.

When brushing, if you have a dog or outdoor cat and the weather permits, do it outside so that the hair can fly around the ether and not inside your house.
So with my cats, I’m more likely to get struck by lightning and win the lottery on the same day than I would be giving them a bath. If you use a sponge to clean upholstered furniture, how do you get the pet hair out of the sponge when you are finished?
I’ve had great luck with my Bissell handheld pet hair vacuum for use on my furniture. Great suggestions, except I wouldn’t use dryer sheets on pets or on furniture where they sleep or at all really. Since these cats also feed on small animals such as squirrels, chipmunks, and mice, it is also necessary to prevent these animals from infesting your property in order to control the feral cat. This area is usually out of sight on a daily basis, but once the cats start howling then you know that something is amiss.
They will claw, bite and hiss just to try and escape so trapping them is much more difficult than the little ones. If you see kittens wandering around and you know that they are not yours or your neighbors, then do not feed them and remove all food sources. Cats hate water and with this device as soon as the cat walks into the yard or area that you determine, the sprinkler will go on spraying water on the cat.
Stray cats have a very sensitive smell and the spray can be used in the areas that inhabit. So, here are paws down, THE ways to manage pet hair from furniture to floors, laundry and of course, your pet itself. Vacuum exhausts can send hair flying around back onto surfaces, which isn’t helping anyone.
Take a rubber glove, wet it and with your pointer finger, drag across the area where the carpet meets the baseboard. This machine doesn’t complain, it just vacuums all day and all night, on your command, managing pet hair so you don’t have to. We have blankets all over our sofa and ottoman and when guests come over we get rid of them.
Hair and dander settle there and can get re-circulated, meaning more hair to clean for you. Despite washing clothes, many of you still see pet hair on freshly cleaned clothes (and yes, happens to me too). This will help loosen the hair soften the fabric which helps get rid hair in preparation for your wash, and the best part is your lint trap can deal with anything remaining. You can even add in ? cup of white vinegar which will help the fabric fibers relax and of course, loosen any extra hair.

They will also find ways to enter the home or attic if there is accessibility to those areas. Another area where they may have access is the crawlspace under your home, or the attic, if there is a large tree that is close to the house. Although they can be trapped there is an extreme possibility that you will get scratched and or bitten in the process. Feral cat kittens are tamable up to the age of ten months so if you are going to capture the little ones it is best to call animal control to handle them and assist in finding them a new place to live. This can be sprayed in flower beds that they use as a litter box or other areas they sleep and rest. The cloth has an electrostatic charge to it which will attract the hair and the water helps make it slightly sticky.
So here’s the best fighting chance you have to do away with pet hair on your clean clothes. If we can loosen them up before washing and after washing, we have a good chance of getting rid of it. Mine sure won’t. In fact, the vacuum cleaner is probably a key source of their kitty nightmares. It is necessary to see where they are going and how they are entering their impromptu den inside your home for you to know what to close off. Feral cats can carry serious and deadly diseases that can be transmitted by this kind of attack, so it may be a good idea to have someone with experience trap and remove the cats.
Now, if you use too much water, it’ll be useless and leave wet trails of hair all over the place, which looks totally wrong. Now, I don’t think I’m qualified to talk about giving a dog a bath or grooming one since I don’t have one and I am not a cat bath master either, but I researched the heck out of it and have my best ideas below. The best way to prevent them from living at your house is to remove all access to shelter and food.
You can even use a microfiber cloth on the bottom, so long as it’s got that electrostatic charge. Wipe your cat or dog with a used fabric softener to help decrease pet static and they smell good too. If you can find a professional pet dryer, like what’d you get at a DIY bathing space offered at some car washes, you’ll be able to dry the dog well too. Or, you can take your pet to a professional groomer and have them perform a special shedding treatment on your dog twice a year (which is basically what this is).

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