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I just discovered that a neighborhood cat has been spraying in my cellar window onto my carpet.
Answers:Getting Rid of Cat Spray Odor on Carpet1 part vinegar to 2 parts water will get rid of the smell. I pour a lot (4 cups or more), let it sit and then if it's the floor I place a towel over the spot and step on it to remove some of the wetness.
Since it has been sprayed from outside, I would put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray all around and then pour vinegar on a cloth and wipe the walls and baseboards. The peroxide can have a bleaching action so try a little bit in an out of the way place so it doesn't bleach your rug.
You could also use baking soda if you have any, but don't use it on anything that is wet because it will cake up and make a mess. I bought some smell remover from the vet for $8, sprayed it on the mattress until it was wet, opened the windows, closed the guest room door and left it alone for a couple of weeks. For areas that can't be sprayed, such as wood or plastic surfaces, spray a rag with the product and then place on or in the area that you want the cat to avoid.

The smell is very offensive to cats and quite effective at keeping cats away from the treated areas! Remove solid waste daily and completely clean and wash cat box once a week with dish detergent and water. There can be many reasons as to why they won't use their litter box or why they might suddenly stop. Some cats prefer a certain litter or a certain type of box while other cats in the house might prefer something completely different!
Some cats don't like to urinate in the same box that another cat is urinating in, but will continue to use the same box for bowel movements!
It is inappropriate for the less dominant cat to urinate (mark its scent) over the more dominant cat's scent. Having a bowel movement in the box poses no threat or territorial issues though because the feces has no territorial markers or scents to it.
Therefore, most cats will almost always use the same box to have bowel movements in, but will go elsewhere to urinate.

I know a lot of people don't want to do that, but that is the only way to get the instinct out of the cats, both male and female, as I have both.
Also when you clean the litter boxes you need to fill the bottom of the litter box with water and bleach to clean that. They don't like to use the litter box after other cats and most likely you will notice with 2 cats they will pee in one box and poo in the other.
Since my cat has been fixed there has been no other spraying.Oh, by the way just so you know, after you get a male fixed and you smell the urine smell.
It could be the litter box, male cats, even after having been fixed will continue to spray as they pee in the litter box. It penetrates and eliminates the most basic and pervasive odors and stains caused by urine, feces, etc.

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