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If you have cats, you probably have experienced at least one time when your cat urinated on a couch, carpet or bed.
Before I used the solution, I had already used a product that breaks down cat urine enzymes. Put all of the ingredients into a big mixing bowl, and then fill the bowl with hot water from the tap.
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I guess we can wrap this up and commit his latest username to the dust.Until we meet again over tales of hot sister love and pain meds. Originally Posted By pcsutton: How is it your house allows critters into the crawl-space to begin with?
When they built the house they used a 4x4 as the threshold but it was sitting about 6 inches above the footing and I didn't know.
I called animal control to get them and the lady next door said no don't do that they will put them down.

On a side note I found them in there at 2 A.M this morning after hearing a commotion under the house, it was an opossum that had got under the house.
Anyway under my house now smells like cat piss majorly and the odor is now coming in the freakin house!

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