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Cat urine is particularly hard to remove because it contains a type of protein that other animal urine does not.
The topic of how to handle cats who urinate outside of a litter box definitely deserves its own (long) article, but a couple of quick and common sense tips might prove helpful before going into how to remove the odor.
Best of luck in your urine removal adventures – we hope one of these methods proves useful. Dog odor comes in a few different forms and it is important to determine what sort you have. All odors can be easily fixed using a cleaning formulation specifically designed for concrete floors. Step No 1.Make the formulation using 4 simple household chemicals mixed into a large bucket.
Some odors can be eliminated with a little natural soap and fresh air, while others require a full-scale assault. As for carpet, she recommends using a carpet steamer, enzymatic cleaners, and as much washing and flushing as the carpet can handle — but DON'T use ammonia.
You know it's serious when Martha Stewart herself recommends throwing in the towel and calling a professional cleaner. For extremely musty dressers and drawers, Martha Stewart recommends a thorough wipe-down with white vinegar.
For a musty room, she prescribes putting fresh eucalyptus branches in a vase — pretty and odor-fighting! If your linens or other laundry — or the washer itself — smells damp and musty, Ask A Clean Person would like you to throw a cup of vinegar in the washing machine. To improve the smell of a damp basement, RealSimple prescribes activated charcoal and a dehumidifier. If your mattress is musty, SF Gate says a thorough sunbathing can help — good advice for all of us right about now. It's vinegar to the rescue again, according to Martha: simply fill a bowl with vinegar and let it work its magic. If that doesn't do the trick, The Hairpin's Ask A Clean Person advises wiping down the walls with a vinegar solution.
SF Gate recommends boiling lemon peels in water to neutralize the smell, but that's just the first step..
You'll also need to clean carpets, draperies, walls, and ceilings — and if the walls still smell smoky, a fresh coat of paint is called for. After many happy years living in tiny apartments in big cities, Tess has found herself in a little house on the prairie. If you want to get rid of those urine smells Lodi homes with pets have, try Chem-Dry of Lodi for your carpet cleaning Lodi needs.

If not treated adequately, the smells from pet accidents can travel through the entire home and impact your health as well as your joy and happiness. You get that first faint whiff as you walk by the offending area and think “huh, maybe I’m imagining it”. Urea, the main compound in cat urine, is what leaves that distinctive ammonia smell that is so difficult to get rid of (by the way, never use an ammonia-based cleaner to remove cat urine – it only compounds the issue).
You will certainly hear many opinions from many cat parents on which works best, so consider this list a start – but ask other cat lovers what has worked for them, as you will pick up great ideas this way, too. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, there are various methods you can try that use items you are likely to already have on-hand. If the item is smaller and will fit into a washing machine, such as a throw pillow (our cat’s favorite occasional and unconventional litter box) or a comforter, consider throwing it in the washer on hot or warm water (if the cleaning instructions allow), or pony up and take it to the dry cleaner. For the past 12 years, Russ has served in various roles with Atlanta-based animal advocacy organizations focused on rescue, training and education. General dog odor in concrete from the oils in the dogs fur and often from oils expressed from the anal glands (certain breeds of dogs smell stronger than others).
Dog poo odor in concrete (when dog feces residues get walked into the porous concrete and then bacteria forms and dog poo odor is created. The formulation will clean dog oils, dog urine and dog feces from any garage floor made of concrete or wood. Apply the formulation to the flooring substrate to see where the contamination’s are using a garden sprayer or a garden watering can. Ask A Clean Person tells Deadspin that the way to go is vinegar, an enzymatic cleaner, and covering the area in kitty litter for a day.
The smell released from an accident area regularly leads to repeat incidents in the same area until it is correctly eliminated. Clean the litter box at least once per day, and a good rule of thumb is to have one litter box per cat in your house, plus one extra.
In addition, Russ led a local rescue volunteer team into New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina, assisting in efforts to rescue and care for stranded animals. All dog odors benefit from cleaning with the formulation specified below in conjunction with heat if required. For example if a dog sleeps in an area then it is likely to smell stronger than areas it just walks on.
They brighten our day and they’re always there to support us, through thick and thin. Pet urine inside the carpet not only leaves an undesirable stain and an annoying odor, but it penetrates the fibers and contaminates both the carpet and the floor beneath. While most cleanings only masks the odor, Chem-Dry's Pet Urine Removal Treatment would go to the molecular level and destroys the urine crystals to get rid of the odor.

Whatever you were on your way to accomplish has been put on hold – you are now going to deal with cat pee clean-up. Bring your cat to the vet to rule out any physiological issue, such as a bladder infection, that might be causing the behavior. And ALWAYS spot test any cleaning method you use in a discreet area of the carpet or upholstery, to make sure it will not stain. Vinegar is said to be particularly effective at removing the odor, and can be safe on various surfaces such as wood floors.
This experience changed his life, and animal rescue and advocacy will always be a part of everything he does. Nevertheless, they're able to make it a real problem to keep your home tidy, healthy and smelling refreshing when animal accidents occur. That’s why it may require specialized cleaning, well beyond just a simple cleaning and treating.
Pet odor results based on testing with the most common odor sources found in dog and cat urine. If neither of these help, you will need to treat the problem as a behavioral issue.  Visit the ASPCA  for more information on the causes. You may find that you have to repeat the cleaning method a couple (or even a few) times before the odor is completely eliminated. Some people dilute the vinegar solution (half vinegar, half water) and others claim it works better to use straight vinegar.
Not only is it tough to deal with an animal urine accident once one has happened, but it’s also challenging to recognize where earlier accidents may have taken place, mishaps you might not have even known about.
The more time an incident goes without treatment, the much more likely the urine odor is to permeate deeper and deeper into floors, walls and even the framework and foundation of the home. In our experience, these store-bought cleaners remove the vast majority of the smell, but there can occasionally still be a faint lingering odor on certain items, depending on what you are applying it (like pillows or upholstery). As the urine dries, the liquid evaporates though the urine crystals turn out to be a lot more concentrated and pungent.
Baking soda can either be used on its own, or in conjunction with the vinegar treatment, after the affected area is blotted dry.

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