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Lice are primarily introduced to the flock through other animals, such as bringing new infected hens into your flock or wild birds that leave their droppings in chicken areas.
Keeping bedding clean is important and allowing the birds proper areas for dust bathing will help. First, bathe your chickens in Dawn dishwashing soap and water, being careful to keep their head from getting wet (but make sure you wash up in their neck, as that's one of the places lice like to hang out).
Along with this treatment, clean out the chicken coop thoroughly and wash down with a non-toxic cleaners such as Simple Green. A look at chicken coop construction and how to get rid of bugs in the chicken coop if the problem occurs.
Over the last decade the use of chicken coops has increased due to the ease of being able to get hold of chickens to raise along with extra information on the internet. Before you venture out and decide on which design plans to use you must come to a decision on the amount of chickens you intend to keep.
Have your skin and scars evaluated by a professional before you try any products or home remedies. If you scars are not as deep or old, you can rub some sandalwood oil Vitamin-E based products onto your scars. The good news about poultry lice is that you can't catch them from your chickens (and neither can your other domestic pets).

If they take up residence on your chicken's body, they live off they're dead skin, dried blood, and feathers.
They lay their eggs at the base of the feather shaft or along the barb of the breast or thigh feathers.
Checking new birds thoroughly before mixing them with your chickens will help, but it doesn't guarantee lice-free hens. A safe and affective way to treat lice in your chickens without harmful powders (and giving up your eggs for at least two weeks) is by giving your chickens a two part bath.
If it happens to you then this can become quite a messy complication to your chicken and egg routine. As a rule of thumb each chicken will need about four square feet of room inside the coop to lead a healthy, productive ( egg yield ) life.
You might have to consider removing these types of scars with an intense laser treatment at your dermatologist's office. They spend their lifetime on the body of the host chicken, laying it's eggs among feather shafts. As a preventative measure, some chicken owners occasionally dust their chickens with a poultry dust that treats lice on chickens. First things first - you are going to have to completely clean out all of the bedding inside the chicken coop.

Once you have the number in mind - then you know how big the coop design must be.If you choose to build your own coop ( which I hope you do ) then it can be made out of any old bits of wood as long as it has not been effected by damp. You will still have some scarring, but it will be much less noticeable than the chickenpox scars. You do not need to be a qualified carpenter to build your own coop as the designs are usually put in step by step order. After this the inside of the coop must be cleaned out with a weak mixture of Jay's fluid or a weak mix of anti-bacterial washing up liquid. Always make sure you have a space in your backyard or garden that receives a good amount of natural daylight - your chickens are going to need this. Also make sure the space receives a good deal of air flow - your coop will need natural ventilation otherwise the problem of bugs may raise it's head again.

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