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Right from the seeds to the main stalk of the plant, celery has beneficial effects on arthritis patients.
Flax Seed Oil  Flax seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which help the body produce prostaglandins. Cinnamon Taking a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with a teaspoon of honey, every day, in the morning, will definitely bring in good results to arthritis patients. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. When cartilage, an important support to the bone, breaks down, the condition is known as arthritis. There are various medications available that help to effectively control the symptoms of arthritis but there is not definitive cure offered by modern medicine. Simple adjustments made in the manner in which you perform your day to day activities will go a long way in easing the discomfort and pain caused by arthritis in the hands. Light weight pots and pans can be used and objects on the floor can be picked up using long handled pincers. Simple tasks like gardening and house cleaning can help by maintaining movement in the joint and keep them in a better condition to function for a long period of time. Hot compress is a very good way to ease pain caused by arthritis as it relaxes the muscles and joints, stimulates blood circulation and reduces the stiffness caused by the condition. Turmeric is a very popular remedy in India as it has many antiseptic and anti inflammatory qualities. Gout is caused by a buildup of uric acid in the body and the joint fluid.  When certain proteins known as purines and which normally occur in our diets do not get processed properly then the level of uric acid goes up in the body.
Gout can be aggravated by obesity, high intake of alcohol, kidney malfunction, high blood pressure and certain medications. Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which bring instant relief in the pain and inflammation. Lemon juice alkalizes the body and neutralizes the high level of uric acid present in the blood. Cherries are very rich in anthocyanins which not only reduce inflammation but also reduce the gout flare ups. Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis are two common diseases that are seeing people resort to allopathic drugs and sometimes, surgical procedures like Joint knee replacement, hip replacement etc..
Whether it is in a garden, or a small pot, the plant can be easily grown, with minimal requirements of food and water. The plant is said to contain 25 anti-inflammatory compounds, which act wisely on the inflamed part of the joint and heal it well. Right from serving its purpose in common cold and cough to curing chronic pain in arthritis, the oil has done a wonderful job in therapy healing. Well, since now I have pointed it out, you may feel like going and grabbing a bunch of these leaves for preparing a healthy potion for arthritis. Being anti-inflammatory in nature, ginger helps in alleviating pain in the joints and helps create a soothing and warm effect, relieving one of pain. One of them is arthritis, whereby the herb helps in releasing its effect and calming the throbbing pain, which arthritis patients often complain about.
Hence, people suffering from this condition are rapidly turning towards natural remedies which are highly effective in easing their discomfort and help them to remain active and more in control of their life.

Heavy things and groceries can be transported in small wagons and loops of soft cloth can be used to open doors of refrigerators or ovens. Simple physiotherapy exercises like the range of motion exercises and resistance exercises must be performed by any arthritis sufferer. For this one must soak the hands in warm water for three minutes and cold water for about one minute. This being an abundant source of magnesium improves the absorption and usage of oxygen in the system and also prevents the blood clots and arteries from hardening. The kidneys eliminate uric acid through the urine, but when this does not happen then the uric acid accumulates in the blood and it gets deposited in the form of crystals in the tissues of the joints.
The attacks of gout are very painful and the onset of intense joint inflammation is quick and rapid.
It cures a host of diseases and ailments and is especially very good for treating gout pain. Dissolve one cup of Epsom salts into it and soak your affected foot into it for half an hour. Their antioxidant properties enhance the function of the kidneys and help to get rid of the excess uric acid. Arthritis is more commonly seen in aged people and in younger women, who are more calcium deprived than men are.
The sap of the green leaf is believed to have wonderful effects on the damaged cartilage, which is the main sufferer in case of arthritis.
The plant being rich in potassium helps in compensating for the potassium lost, which is the main culprit in the case of arthritis. A small quantity of the oil is warmed and rubbed over the painful joint, to relieve the pain. In fact, consuming ginger juice twice a day, is said to be very good for treating arthritic pain.
Drink the turmeric, pounded and boiled in milk or try applying the paste of the golden herb directly onto the knee joit or any other inflamed part of the body, for immediate relief. Some people are known to swear by this home remedy as they could feel the results in a week’s time! Arthritis in the hand is usually accompanied by joint inflammation, swollen fingers and stiffness along with excruciating pain.
Little adjustments made in the kitchen and other area will make an immense difference in the pain and strain caused by the condition of arthritis in hands. These exercises help in strengthening the joints and maintaining them in working condition. Cold compress is especially effective for people suffering from hand arthritis as regular application is found to reduce soreness and lessen the irritation.
They can be precipitated by heavy eating, heavy consumption of alcohol, dehydration and fever. Mix two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar into a glass of water and drink it once daily.
The Epsom salt and the moist heat will relax the inflamed tissues of the joint and bring quick relief in the pain. The low calcium levels, sedentary lifestyle and several other factors, including genetics, are causing the disease. Although, it does not impact the cartilage directly, but the medicinal plant has numerous nutrients and agents, which in turn help in reducing pain and inflammation caused by the damaged cartilage.

For better results, soaking knees, in knee deep water, of bearable warm temperature, with a pinch of epsom salt, will be great for treating arthritis pain. Use this treatment, preferably before hitting the bed. Cherries are rich in magnesium and potassium, which are natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory agent respectively.
These vitamins are crucial as they help in repairing the damaged tissues, including cartilage, in the body. As the hands and fingers are amongst the most used organs of the body, this condition can hamper movement or cause uneasiness and discomfort in sufferers. Mops and brooms that require a tight grip can be tapped with a layer of thin foam at the handles causing lesser pressure exerted on the joints. You will notice a reduction in the pain, inflammation and stiffness associated with arthritis.
The joint tissues in the foot especially in the big toe become red, tender and inflamed leading to unbearable pain. The vinegar will reduce the high levels of uric acid in the blood and prevent its deposition in the form of crystals in the synovial fluid of the joint.
Baking soda also helps to reduce the amount of uric acid and bring instant relief in the pain.
However, with proper calcium intake, physiotherapy and routine checkups, the problem can still be kept at bay. In addition to this, the nutrients in the plant, fuel the strength of the immune system and boost energy levels, healing the body in process.
Sometimes, steaming the joint, with hot towels or hot packs can be a good way to keep it well absorbed. Regular consumption of these leaves, whether whole or extract, might be great for cartilage regeneration. Consuming the seeds of the plant, in cereals or in milkshake, when powdered, is also good for treating the disease. Following these home treatments, religiously for a month, will definitely help in relieving one from the joint pain. Hence the right form of exercise will not only ease the pain but also help in improving the condition of the joints.
You can also make some ginger paste and apply it on the affected area to bring faster relief from the pain. For those, who have already acquired the disease, a home remedies can be tried at home, for favorable effects. Some people also like the idea of soaking the leaves in boiling hot water and consuming it like tea.
Try it out and you could be the next one, suggesting these home remedies to fellow patients!
In fact, instead of eating, boiling cherries in water, to prepare cherry syrup, is also a good option by Japanese people.

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