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According to members on multiple internet forums, smothering your feet with the ointment and then putting on socks works like a charm!
Facebook user Clare agreed adding, “I saw this tip on Facebook and tried it when my baby had a bad cough. A pediatric dentist and blogger by day, Misee enjoys sharing easy diy projects, effortless fashion, beauty routines, and lifestyle tips that aim to add flare to the everyday woman's daily routine. People can go to great lengths to help keep themselves and their loved ones healthy during Cold and Flu season.
With Americans suffering from one billion colds each year*, it’s no wonder that people sometimes go to great lengths to help keep themselves and their loved ones healthy.
What they may not realize is that with the extreme measures they take to avoid germs, they can almost become a different version of their normal selves – taking on an “alter ego” that practices preposterous, eyebrow-raising behavior.
That’s why Lysol®, an RB brand, has developed a guide of common germ alter egos; shedding light on these ridiculous behaviors and providing solutions to“#LysolThat” so you can be your normal self. You don’t want to catch it, but you know it’s coming when almost everyone around you is blowing their nose during flu season: a stuffy nose. Take decongestants and analgesics: While decongestants and analgesics don’t get rid of the virus or the real cause of the stuffy nose, they can reduce its symptoms, making you feel loads better.
Load up on vitamin C: Vitamin C toughens up your body against viral and bacterial infections. Take corticosteroids and antibiotics: Acute sinusitis is usually caused by bacteria and lasts for two to three weeks. Antifungal medications and corticosteroids: Chronic sinusitis usually results from a fungal infection and lasts for more than three weeks. Fight allergies with antihistamines: It’s possible that your stuffy nose is not caused by a viral or bacterial infection, but an allergy.
Don’t blow your nose hard: Contrary to what many people think, blowing your nose hard doesn’t improve your condition but actually makes it worse. Use eucalyptus oil: Expectorate with the effervescence of eucalyptus oil to improve your condition.
Apply a moist heat compress: Apply a moist heat compress to your face three to five times a day for about 10 minutes to alleviate your symptoms. Don’t use OTC nasal sprays: Over-the-counter nasal sprays are easy to get, but it’s wise in light of recent research to just forget about them.

The best way to avoid a stuffy nose is to stay away from people who already have stuffy noses. I put some on my feet last night as I have a cough and had a great night’s sleep. Within a few minutes of putting it on my feet, putting socks on and lying in bed, I can feel the vapours reach my throat! Misee Harris is a pediatric dentist, media personality, film & TV producer, Huffington Post Contributor, YouTube Vlogger, and Blogger. It’s hard to concentrate on your tasks when breathing is such a tough job, and you have to wipe your nose every couple of minutes. Take an over-the-counter decongestant and an analgesic to quickly reduce the stuffiness of your nose.
It improves the condition of your respiratory system, making it more resistant to viral and bacterial infections. Take some antibiotics and use a corticosteroid nasal spray if your doctor diagnoses you with acute sinusitis. If your sinusitis is chronic, it’s best to treat it with corticosteroids and antifungal medications. Sinuses can tear if you put too much force when blowing your nose, resulting in the opposite of what you want to achieve. In fact, cigarette smoke damages your sinuses’ lining and causes swelling in the sinus membranes. You may also add it to the water of your humidifier or rub it on your chest to loosen the sticky mucus in your chest and sinuses. Moisture helps normalize your nose and heat dilates your capillaries and blood vessels, helping your body to fight the infection. According to recent studies, these medications are addictive and may cause the symptoms they are supposed to get rid of once you stop using them. You should also be aware of your allergies and get rid of things in your home and workplace that may trigger symptoms (For more information on eliminating allergens, Read how to reduce allergens in your home). This only works when going to bed and never works for me during the day,” wrote a lady named Julie on the Netmums website.
Decongestants work by tapering down your sinuses’ inflammation, allowing mucus to freely drain out. Experts have recently found that antibiotic nasal sprays are very effective against the symptoms of acute sinusitis, so talk to your doctor about using one.

It’s not advisable to take too much of this medication though, so you have to find out what causes your allergic reaction and do something about it; for instance, if you’re allergic to dander, then consider getting rid of your furry pets (For cats, here are tips on how to get rid of cat dander).
In time, your acute sinusitis will develop into chronic sinusitis if you continue to smoke. Put half a teaspoon of salt into a cup of water, and then gargle the solution for about a minute. If you don’t remember getting close to people who have stuffy noses, then the cause of your condition may not be infection but simply the lack of humidity. Nasal sprays containing oxymetazoline can damage the sinuses’ lining, resulting in chronic sinusitis if used for more than three days.
Consult your doctor if you can’t get rid of your symptoms after a long period of time because you might be suffering from chronic sinusitis. An analgesic like ibuprofen can increase the effectiveness of the decongestant, alleviating your symptoms.
You can also do some research on foods that contain lots of vitamin C to be more prepared for the next flu season. Do this home remedy every day and you’ll notice that your symptoms will eventually go away.
When it comes to nasal sprays, it’s safer to use a corticosteroid nasal spray instead of an OTC nasal spray. It’s possible that you have a fungal or bacterial infection that you’ve been carrying for a long time. It’s best to use a humidifier that vaporizes steam because it prevents the dispersal of mold and fungal spores into the air. A sore throat is usuallyI've been sick for most of the week and last couple days I have had a really bad sore throat. I had been sucking on cough drops and other common things to tryThe #1 all natural cure for heartburn, acid reflux , or gerd on the web.

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