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Vomiting And diarrheaWe usually get these infections from other people, but they can be acquired by eating spoiled or contaminated food. What It Takes To Get Rid Of Fevers, Headaches And …What It Takes to Get Rid of Fever, Headaches and Stomachaches Fevers, headaches and stomachaches are common complaints of illness If a child has had diarrhea, he may also have abdominal cramping. Caring For Your Guinea PigIf you notice diarrhea (especially in a young pet), a fecal analysis should be performed by your veterinarian.
DIARRHEA Recommended Supplements Are Listed Below CAUSES …Suppress the poisons and force your body to find some other way to get rid of them. MANAGING BOWEL DYSFUNCTIONThe secondary function of the digestive system is to get rid of * The glossary defines words in italics. This entry was posted in how to and tagged bugs insects, feeling rundown, international travelers, stomach ache, wheat allergies. Celiac Disease is an auto-immune disease of small intestine that hampers the absorption of carbohydrates, especially gluten and results in frequent diarrhea and watery stools.
Other Celiac disease symptoms include anemia, constant fatigue, and pain in joints, numbness, soared mouth, and depression. Eczema is one of the allergy symptoms that involve redness and inflammation of skin, itching and even bleeding. Another common disease that affects the normal activities of a person is dementia or memory-loss.

The severe dementia symptoms include need of assistance in all the activities including walking and bathing, and impairment of swallowing.
John MoryDetoxification is the term used to describe the process your body goes through to get rid of toxins. Vomiting and diarrhea are the body's way of getting rid of the germs until immunity can be built up.
It results in wasting of the muscles as the essential nutrients required by the body are lost from the body.
Due to the lack of iron formation in the body, there are chances of scanty or missed menstruation periods.
Allergy is caused by imbalance in immune system that is in turn caused by the reaction of the body in response to the foreign cells.
The intolerance of wheat and other cereals containing gluten can hamper the general growth of the person and affects his immune system.
These cells or allergens, as they are commonly called, enter the skin through contact or are inadvertently inhaled by breathing.
Those having sinuses develop dark circles due to increase in the amount of blood ejected from nasals.
Celiac disease symptoms include chronic diarrhea, light grayish stools that are often foul-smelling, abdominal pain, and constipation.

In some people, Celiac disease results in fatty and greasy stools as fat absorption is also hindered. In mild form of dementia, the patient often finds himself at the loss of words, forgetting names or important days of his working schedule, and lack of concentration while doing common household activities. If developed in the early stages of development, is has drastic effects on his over-all health. The undigested fat is sometimes released from the stools in form of oil-droplets that can be seen floating on water. Some people have allergies from pollen grains and spores; they develop hay fever in reaction to the allergens.
Anaphylactic shock is the severest form of allergies that often involves mental dizziness and even death.
The allergies can be perennial also; some people show symptoms like sneezing and cough as soon as they come in the contact of dust and animal fur.

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