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Apply a nutrient-rich moisturizer to replace the moisture you have just removed from your skin.
A groomer suggested NuVet Plus, which my dog, Samantha, has been on the chewable wafer for a good two weeks now.
We stopped at a local pet store and she had some samples of NuVet, she gave us 2 packets and go ahead and try the, they're free and from what she had heard they did work. Long story short, the DO work!  It took about 3 months for her to stop the continuous scratching and biting but now after only 5 months, she does NOT have any hot spots at all. I am ordering some for a kitty that I found discarded this summer, she has had Chronic sinus issue, for all of her 6 months of life, it can't hurt to try. Our neighbor told us about putting their English Bulldog on NuVet Plus and how much it had helped him.
I cannot thank you enough for giving us back our playful wonderful boy - while before we were worried that he might have to be put down due to his constant pain now we look forward to several more years with him!

Leaving the mixture on will allow the acid of the lemon juice to start breaking down the dead skin cells. Repeat this process once a day to break down the dead skin and make way for new, lighter skin cells. I plan on taking our information to our local Vet here in northern Minnesota since I'm sure ours is not the only dog in our city that suffers from hot spots.
He suffered from Hot Spots, constantly scratched at his ears, chewed his coat and had inflamed red and runny eyes.
Buddy is 9 years old and since he was around 2 yrs old he has had terrible hot spot issues. I raise Chihuahuas who can be prone to skin problems and since I have been using NuVet Plus I have not had one hot spot, rash or hair loss.
The last couple of years have been a constant battle of scratching, hair loss and to make matters worse hip and joint problems.

Desperate, we finally turned to the internet to research if there was ANYTHING we could try. As a matter of fact even my oldest dogs have nice soft shiny coats now as well as energy to spare! His scratching and resulting sores had become so severe that my vet was giving him cortisone shots and his joint & hip problems were so painful that he had to be put on Rimadyl - a very pricey and strong anti-inflammatory drug. We would wash them and apply the meds the vet gave us for them but when one would clear up another one would start. After only 1 month I am so very happy to say that Bullet has tons of new hair growth, no new hot spots, and best of all he is completely off the Rimadyl and not only walks around pain free he is now back to wanting to play!!

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