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A leg cramp is a sudden and involuntary contraction of a muscle or a group of muscles, accompanied by intense pain and muscle tenderness. Over-the-counter painkillers like acetaminophen, paracetamol and ibuprofen can be effective in decreasing pain. For added calcium, consume dairy products like low fat yogurt and milk and vegetables such as broccoli, kale, ragi, drumstick and bok choi.
Drinking two cups of red raspberry-leaf tea (in morning and night) or 5 cups of chamomile tea daily for 14 days helps to get rid of leg cramps. Put a bar of soap under the bed sheet, at the foot of the bed and leave it there during sleep. Wear socks while sleeping as well as shoes with cushioned foot beds & proper arch support throughout the day. Daily intake of 3 tsps cramp bark tincture thrice a day is also helpful in preventing leg cramps. Hamstring Cramp is a condition where an individual experience unpleasant and often aching sensation in the group of tendons (four posterior thigh muscles). The moment you suffer from the Hamstring Cramp, place a cold compress on it and hold it for 8 to 10 minutes. Sit on a comfortable and smooth surface and practice some easy hamstring stretches to ease the pain.
Electrolyte imbalance is one among the major causes of Hamstring Cramp that can be an output of dehydration. The causes of leg cramp are dehydration, mineral deficiency (sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium), heavy exercise, pregnancy, medications (diuretics and hypertension medications), muscle fatigue, neuromuscular disorders, some diseases (diabetes, anemia, thyroid and kidney diseases), standing in the same position for longer period of time and electrolyte imbalance.
A warm compress can be applied by soaking a cloth in warm in lukewarm water and applying it to the leg whereas a cold compress can be applied soaking a cloth in cold water and then applying on the affected area. You can increase intake of potassium by adding bananas, meats, poultry, fish and avocados in your diet.

Then, apply hot compress by dipping a towel in a hot water and wrapping it on the affected area (after squeezing). Now, check out the image on your right hand side to get an idea of the simple easy hamstring stretches and practice them.
Place your hands on both sides of your hamstring and run your fingers through the affected area in circular motion, exerting medium pressure.
In case if it is still aching, then you must better consult an experienced orthopedic specialist or surgeon for a proper treatment as it is an indication of a more serious problem. No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. For most riders, that means not jumping into a race or hard ride way above your ability, as cramps are nearly always the unwelcome byproduct of working muscles beyond their current fitness and endurance level. If those clenching fibers just won’t calm down, you may need to stop, breathe, and stretch during your ride. The quadriceps, or the large mass of muscle extending from front thigh to legs, is one most used body parts. Leg cramp is not a serious problem but if you notice any swelling in the leg or the pain occurs after an injury, then immediately consult your doctor as this may be an indication of a blood clot. You can also use a frozen gel pack for cold compress and a hot water bottle for warm compress. After that, divide the mixture in 3 equal parts and consume with equal amount of water, three times a day for few days.
Hyper-flexion (muscles get stretched too much), muscle hypoxia (muscles don’t get enough oxygen), and the electrolyte imbalance (body doesn’t get enough calcium, magnesium and potassium) are some of the major causes of Hamstring Cramp. But that does you no good when you’re halfway up Death March Hilltop Road and you feel the unmistakable, painful pangs of muscles gone mad.
Tums, which contains a healthy dose of the mineral, has been a favorite product of long-distance cyclists for years.

A leg cramp can happen any time, most often at night (when you are sleeping) with no warning. The people who are already consuming a multi-vitamin with B vitamins can also take this tablet. For a cramp in the calf, sit down with your leg extended straight and pull the toes upward towards your knee for stretching out the muscle.
Once you experience a Hamstring Cramp, make sure to fix it immediately as you will find it difficult to walk or run with aching thighs.
Take a deep breath and stretch, exhaling fully as you gently press through your muscles for a few seconds.
This extremely uncomfortable and frustrating problem is more common in pregnant women, overweight people, elderly and the people engaged in sports.
If it is in the back of the thigh, raise the leg and make the knee straight and if a cramp is in the front of the thigh, bend the knee and bring it up towards the chest.
On the other hand, carrying out the daily activities in this condition can make your condition worse. The pain usually appears in calf, the hamstring and the quadriceps areas, which lasts from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. A leg cramp is a harmless problem that can be treated at home without visiting the hospital.

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