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I don’t think I need to remind you girls that getting your period can be a major bummer for a lot of reasons. It is now 3:48 and ive been woken up with excruciating period pains to the point I want to cry!
The only pain killer that has helped me is something called Antalgin, i got it from a pharmacy when i was on holiday in spain and ever since then i have picked up a couple boxes whilst on holiday. I was also prescribed mefenamic acid by my doctor for two years but found this did little help.
I have been having excruciating periods since I was 12 and I am now 38 and it has gotten worse since I’ve gotten older.
I find with really bad cramps because i get them myself( to the point where i cant sleep my first few nights) is advil liquid gels the extra strength with a hot water bottle on either my back or tummy helps sooth it out to actually sleep or get through the day.
Hi i have loads of bad cramps and this time its in the middle of the night im 16 and i am just crying my eyes out i just had some painkillers my period is really heavy which doesnt help none of those tips have worked so i have no idea what to do!

Hey Allcia I’m only a year older and I have the same problem, I went to the doctor and got given birth control pills (three different types) before they found one that my body agreed with, I use Cilest pills, trust me they relay help, I do get one day (first day of the period) that I do get not severe or mild pain but somewhere in between but my periods are lighter than they used to be, if you can’t afford the doctor or are too embarrassed maybe try a Brooks clinic?
Posturology is defined as a€?the science of human balance in every physiological conditiona€?. For me, the worst thing about getting my period has always been some seriously horrible PMS.
However this year i didnt, i have researched the product and found that in the UK its called Naproxen Sodium, ask your doctor about that drug.
However, I happen to know from experience that these pills do little to nothing for really severe cramps.
If you don't have time to lie down and use one, then there are these great sticky heating patches (like these) that you can put on under your clothes and use them while you're doing other stuff, like going to school or work. The best part about cramps is that mine last for a longgg time too, so that only makes cramps just the best ever!

I’m talking so bad that at least one day a month, I either be late or miss school all together because I was in so much pain. But if your cramps are pretty mild, these should do the trick - and if they're way worse than mild? If you can't deal with the idea of doing something too difficult, try just going for a walk or doing some yoga. Like I said, heat will help you relieve your cramps - so take advantage of that and relax in a warm bath. A few months ago I had an ultrasound and they told me I have at least 2 fibroids, one the size of a lemon and the other the size of a grapefruit, but they have not suggested any treatment and I have explained how bad it is.

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