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Cystic acne (nodulocystic acne) is one of the most severe forms of acne vulgaris characterized by deep, inflamed breakouts, large bumps, cysts & nodules deeply rooted to the skin surface.
Hormonal imbalance – Hyper secretion of androgen hormone stimulates the sebaceous glands which triggers overproduction of sebum, thereby increasing the inflammation of hair follicles. Hot, humid climate & heavy exercise can lead to excessive perspiration, which can clog the skin pores resulting in acne breakouts. Warm compress can cure less serious cases of cystic acne within a short time if not overnight without medication.
Cabbage Poultice: Cabbage poultice prepared from heated cabbage leaves is another effective option used as a hot compress in cystic acne cures.
Mix the ingredients mentioned in the combinations and you will get a thick paste in each of them. Aloe Vera serves as an excellent hydrating and soothing agent for the skin while Glycolic acid from apple exfoliates the superficial dead skin layer. Strawberries are natural alkaline and serve as an effective remedy for nodular cystic acne.
Almost all yellow and orange fruits and vegetables are good for refreshing the skin and maintaining its glow.
Apricots possess anti-inflammatory properties due to which they serve as effective natural remedies against cystic acne. Essential Oils regulate sebum production, possess antioxidant properties & promote essential fatty acid synthesis that prevents future acne breakouts. Oil extractions of rosemary, lavender and rosewood possess anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties while oil extracted from lemon, grapefruit and clove retains anti-aging properties. The best essential oils for curing cystic acne permanently include lavender oil, clove oil and tea tree Oil.
Gently rinse and sanitize the affected area a couple of times per day to remove bacteria, sweat, oil and dirt that clogs skin pores & worsen the cystic acne. Ketsugo Cream: This is available in Health Food Shops with its main ingredient being ‘Isolutrol’, an enzyme extracted from sharks possessing antimicrobial property. Chemical peels can be used for getting rid of cystic acne scar, removing skin hyper pigmentation and dark spots as well as to even skin tone.
It involves cold therapy, which removes deep acne scarring by increasing blood circulation in that region, hence improving skin texture.
Having said all about the most effective treatment options, it is still best to take measures for preventing the acne from developing.
Following a healthy diet consisting of all essential vitamins and minerals can help you avoid this problem.
Avoid fat-rich dairy products rich in cow hormones as they stimulate your sebaceous glands to secrete excessive sebum, which clogs the skin pores & produces acne. Keep your hands clean to prevent any dirt on the hands from reaching your face to cause acne.
Wash your bed sheets and pillowcases regularly to avoid any contamination of dirt & bacteria when you use them. Always take a shower after an exercise session to remove sweat & bacteria that might clog the skin pores. Essential oils extracted from plants can be used to cure acne, scars, skin spots and other skin conditions. Essential oils extracted from rosemary, lavender and rosewood have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
The best essential oils that can be used to get rid of cystic acne fast are lavender oil, cloves oil and tea tree oil.
Lavender oil soothes and softens the skin and it has excellent healing properties for burns and skin spots. Mixing lavender, clove and tea tree oil produces a powerful solution which when applied directly to the cystic acne will heal it naturally.
Honey can be used for facial masks in combination with other elements or just in its natural form to treat cystic acne. Baking soda works the magic of pulling out the excess oils under the skin thus no more scars. Tea tree oil is famous for treating many skin conditions because of its anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties.
We just know egg white to contain some important proteins that our bodies need but it can also help in removing cystic acne. They can occur anywhere on the skin with the cheeks, chin and back being commonly affected. Menstruation, Pregnancy & use of oral contraceptives often increase the chances of cystic acne in women. Dampen a towel, a cotton ball, or sponge in the warm water & apply it frequently on the cysts until it loses heat. As the rice sock attains a comfortable temperature, put the compress onto your cystic acne. It helps in evacuating the pus out of the cysts & reduces the swelling thereby shrinking cystic acne. Apple cider vinegar serves as a skin toner which maintains a healthy skin pH, hence reducing future acne flare-ups. Honey refreshes the skin by unclogging the skin pores & fastens the cystic acne healing process.

Blend some mango pulp to make a thick paste or puree & apply it to get smooth, soft and glowing skin. Take a thick potato slice & rub it gently onto the cystic acne region for 7-10 minutes. Make some fresh apricot juice and dab a cotton ball in it to rub it on the nodular cystic acne for about 10 minutes. Additionally, they are rich in essential vitamins and minerals that promote the health of your skin. For the application of any essential oil, you need to soak a cotton ball in the oil and rub it gently on the affected area for 15-20 minutes. Cortisone or Steroid therapy works by shrinking the cyst and reducing any signs of redness. The technique involves abrasion of the top skin layers using a machine that removes the deep seated acne scars. This painless technique uses low energy laser therapy (LLLT), involving anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic agents along with bio stimulants which strengthens the immune system & helps in skin regeneration. Make sure to eat plenty of fibrous vegetables and fruits, whole grains as well as ample amounts of nuts and seeds like flaxseeds walnuts etc. Cystic acne is one of the most severe forms of acne that can appear; it develops deep nodules and if you squeeze one of these pimples you will leave deep scars on the skin surface. Because it has a high viscosity it can remove dust and dead skin, as well as some skin bacteria. A facial mask made only with filtered honey will clean the skin pores and will erase microbes. Mix two spoons of fresh milk, two spoons of honey, fresh lemon juice and a spoon of fresh yogurt. Mix a spoon of aloe Vera juice with a spoon of honey and leave this mixture on the affected skin for more than 10 minutes.
Kelp powder is a powder made from algae; it is a natural detoxifier and an excellent skin hydrator.
Laser treatment can help to quickly decrease the action of sebaceous glands, remove existing sebum and kill the bacteria which grows inside acne. Egg whites have an enzyme called Lysozyme that is responsible for destroying the cell walls of bacteria. The pimples that seem to suddenly appear of the face at the worst possible times is one of the things that most teenagers would rather not deal with. Doctors declare that it is connected with our way of life, stressful situations and our unhealthy diet. It is characterized by an inflammation of the sebaceous glands that leads to clogging and inflammation of the hair follicles. And before finding out how to treat this skin problem, it is important to know what causes cystic acne. There are several factors that have an influence on acne appearance. A doctor will prescribe you special pills that will reduce the level of testosterone in your body. Prepare a mask from honey and yogurt, lemon, milk or even apples and apply it to your face. Clove oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil are three essential oils that can be used for acne treatment. Of course, it is difficult to keep yourself in hand when your face is itching, but try not to do it at all costs. These cysts are often filled with fluid containing white blood cells, dead cells, pus and bacteria which can spread the infection to a larger area if not treated early.
Heat also helps in dissolving & lowering the trapped sebum inside the clogged pore, so the cyst comes to a head faster. In addition, taking a glass of water with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar could heal Cystic Acne internally as well. For the first method, make a paste of uniform consistency by blending 5-8 strawberries and some egg white for about 10 seconds. The cream acts by making the skin thick & plumping up any pitting, so the acne becomes less visible.
Dermatologists can also recommend the application of cortisone or steroid creams for home treatment of cystic acne & advice you to cover the affected area with a bandage. It accelerates the healing process by producing an inhibitory effect on overactive sebaceous gland, clears the trapped sebum thereby removing bacteria’s causing cystic acne. Foods rich in vitamins A and E, such as cabbage, carrots, lemons and spinach, are also highly beneficial for skin. These nodules swell and if they reach a certain step of inflammation, the pimple swollen with pus will break beneath the skin. Acne for most teenagers is a problem, but it is not usually a big problem and it is something that they will eventually grow out of.
The best way is to consult a dermatologist and she or he will prescribe you appropriate treatment.
Laser therapy is an effective way to remove the level of sebum and kill the bacteria that cause acne. A doctor will inject special medications into your cystic acne in order to kill the bacteria. By means of this procedure your acne breakouts will disappear and your skin will look beautiful again.

Repeatedly touching or squeezing the acne might worsen the condition, leaving ugly deep scars on the skin. Use this remedy frequently to prevent the pimple from getting bigger and turning into a full-blown zit.
Another method involves blending half a cup of strawberries with cream (1 tablespoon) & rice flour (1 teaspoon).
Researchers have found that this essential oil can kill bacteria which cause acne even at 10 % concentration. Citric acid from lemon and the milk will clean the skin surface very well and treat cystic acne fast.
Most women find it hard to walk around their place of work having such acne on their faces.
For the teenagers and people that suffer from cystic acne, the problem is not so easy to get over. This procedure is painless and stimulates your immune system thus regenerating the tissue of your skin. Glycolic acid from apple will peel a thin layer of the skin; and honey will clean and unblock the skin pores. In addition, make sure to mix tea tree oil with water in the ratio of 5% to 95% respectively.
Cystic acne is the most severe form of the common acne, Acne Vulgaris, and anyone who has this condition will wan to figure out how to get rid of cystic acne before it affects their lives in a very negative way.What is Cystic AcneCystic acne is similar to other types of acne, but will usually be much more severe.
Otherwise, you may dry up your skin and take away all the moisture that is necessary for your skin to look beautiful. You are likely to find such people looking for answers on how to get rid of cystic acne online. Cover the clean towel over your head and part of the face so that the steam does not escape.
Most people will say that actually they felt like the baking soda was drawing something from their skin.
As much as tea tree oil is effective on how to get rid of cystic acne, in too much amount it can be disastrous.
It involves deep and inflamed breakouts on, not only the facial area, but on other parts of the body as well. And when our pores are clogged, accumulated sebum leads to appearance of pimples. It is not the only reason of this problem. Here are some of the methods that have been voted as natural and the best for removing cystic acne on your face.
After washing it off, someone will feel they have a smooth skin left behind by the magic of baking soda. The breakouts are often much larger and harder to treat than more milder forms of acne, like blackheads and whiteheads.
Period of puberty, pregnancy, cosmetics of bad quality, clogged pores, environment – this is not the whole list of cystic acne causes.
Because of the size and the severity, the treatment for cystic acne is much different than it is for other types of acne.
The blemishes that are caused by the cysts and nodules can often leave deep scars and other potentially dangerous health problems for the sufferers.Causes of Cystic acneCystic acne can affect men and women of all ages, but the people who are at the most risk are male teenagers. The breakouts of this form of acne are a result of excessive oil in the skin, dead skin cells in the pores of the skin, and bacteria that create an infection. These are the same things that cause other types of acne, but cystic acne occurs when the follicle wall breaks and infected material gets into the skin at a much deeper level. The nodules that some people suffer from are the result of a membrane forming around the infected area deep under the skin. The type of acne that occurs near the surface of the skin is usually minor and easy to treat, but because cystic acne occurs further below the skin surface it is not as easy to treat.Some people will say that the cystic acne is a result of improper diet or because the individual did not wash enough or properly, but the reality is that the sufferers of cystic acne have not done anything to cause the problems.
There is no reason for the sufferers of cystic acne to think that they caused this themselves, it is something that just happened.Problems of Cystic AcneBefore you learn how treating cystic acne is done, it is important to understand the impact that cystic acne will have on an individual. A clear and clean face is the image that people strive to have and the deep and dark blemishes that are associated with cystic acne can cause many people to go into hiding. The stress that is created by cystic acne will also lead to a variety of other physical ailments.
There are many people for whom cystic acne is the reason behind many of the negative physical aspects of their life.Treating Cystic AcneCystic acne is not something that should be ignored.
If you notice that some of the pimples that you have are more severe than they should be it is best to consult a dermatologist to determine a cost of cystic acne treatment to follow. A health professional can come up with different medications that will help you get rid of cystic acne as quickly as possible. The only way resolve the issues with cystic acne is through proper medical treatment.Even though cystic acne require the help of a medical professional, that does not mean that an individual cannot do some things to help their breakouts.
When your body gets the right combination of nutrients and other things that it needs, you will have a stronger immune system and will be less prone to any physical problems. Having cystic acne does not have to make you an outcast and a strong mind is one of the most powerful weapons that a body has.

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