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So the dark spots you see on your hands and face are probably from sun damage—over exposure to the sun where your melanin has rushed in to try and protect the skin. The whiter your skin, the more likely you are to produce freckles, dark spots and sun damage.
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SkinTherapy Skin Care & Acne Clinic provides professional acne skin care and anti-aging skin care treatments, consultations and products for acne, aging, wrinkles, sun damaged skin, and skin care maintenance. Some youngsters who are not fair from childhood they adjust and compromise with their skin but those who know the importance of fair skin that are engaged in an ongoing effort to get it. It is important that when you go outside of the home, then you should keep yourself covered.
It has been observed that homemade treatments or domestic treatments are more effective than outside beauty products and treatments.
Oil control face wash removes dead skin cells from your skin and gives you an amazing freshness.Give an oil control face wash to your face and get an amazing glowing skin with instant fairness.
Be patient and wait for some time, all these routine requires time to get fair and glowing skin naturally. Some of the most frequently asked questions I get are related to the dark spots people find on their face and hands. To make their self beautiful, many people use different products and skill seem to be their disappointment. So, I think you should trouble to get it fair and glowing skin naturally.You want that your own face should perfect at home.

Bright sunshine, warm air and Carriages smoke are all elements which is very harmful to our skin. Regular use of rose water can enhance the beauty of the face and giving a natural glowing skin.
In your daily life you can improve fairness and glow of your skin by drinking clean and fresh water in sufficient quantity.
On the one hand, green vegetables makes healthy to live and on the other hand it gives amazing glowing skin with fairness.Spinach, radish, onion, carrot, lettuce, cabbage, okra, gourd, cucumber etc. Unnecessary and poor products will harmful for the skin and give many harmful effects on your skin.
Sun damage can lead to dark spots, freckles, pigment which in turn can lead to skin cancer. All these situations can tell the skin to make more pigment, which in combination with light can produce too much pigment. Replace the dirty water with clean and fresh water is very important to get fairness.Use oil control face wash to get instant fairness. The correct use of a good cream is urgent to give you the full benefit.Selecting a good cream is a big challenge for everyone. Quality face mask gives instant fairness and advance glowing skin to you.Wear face mask at least three times in week will give amazing results to you. Water acts as a natural medicine for the skin.Proper hydration is helpful to getting fairness of your skin. Fast and harmful rays of the sun on our face take away fairness and make our skin complexion.

Choosing the best cream you will get better results but poor cream may be harmful for your skin. You can use fruit face mask, scandal face mask, neem face mask and more to get fair skin naturally. Loss or compromise any move to disrupt the beauty of your face.It takes time to get fair skin naturally.
Often brown, blotchy patches with a mask-like appearance can be found on the cheeks, forehead, and chin.So Can I Get Rid of Dark Spots?
Regular intake of lemon is a very simple way of finding natural beauty.Rich in vitamin C intake is very necessary to get fair and glowing skin. Skin will become fair and glowing depends on the quality of treatments and the complexion of the skin. We recommend you to be patient for all the tips above and get fair skin naturally in few weeks.
Lime is the cheapest mode for vitamin C in our diet and many our skin whiten.You can use lemon in many different types.
An average person can take at least 15-20 glass of water daily.To make your blood good and clean we recommend you for taking a good blood purifying syrup with water. Before going for sleep, regular consumption of the blood purifying syrup with water and you can keep your blood clean.

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