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Acne is a troublesome, sometimes depressing and debilitating condition for both teens and adults. If you’re unhappy with acne scars on your face, back, arms or other body parts, it’s entirely likely that your dermatologist has the ideal solution for you, with the skill, science and medications that can render those acne scars invisible, or very nearly so. While over-the-counter scar fade creams may work on some subtle marks, many people choose to seek the advice and treatment of a qualified dermatologist with higher-quality methods and skills to make those acne scars a thing of the past. So when you do consult with your dermatologist, you’ll get an expert, trained eye assessing each of your skin’s marks, since not all acne scars are alike.
Your doctor will explain the difference between the various acne scar types, such as Icepick scars that look like the skin has been punctured with an ice pick, Boxcar scars that are round to oval depressions in the skin, and Rolling scars that give the skin an undulating look created by scarred fibrous bands beneath the skin’s surface. Laser resurfacing may be called for, with the top layers of the skin carefully and finely-removed by a laser treatment of the doctor’s choice, so that when the skin heals in the treated areas you have the effect of newer, smoother skin. Topical ointments, such as medicines containing prescribed retinol or glycolic acid which plumps up the skin and helps the body create more natural collagen to fill out acne marks, and prescription fade creams may be your doctor’s choice for lesser dark spots. Of course, it’s essential that your doctor treat any ongoing acne condition you have, since scar treatment has to wait until active acne issues are brought under control, so that you’re fixing the flaws on skin that isn’t producing new acne every day.
Each type of acne scar treatment does come with its own collection of pre- and post-treatment requirements, and some may call for more extensive post-care such as icing, applying bandages and ointments, but for those millions of acne sufferers who deplore the sight of their dark marks, divots and raised bumps, that’s a very small price to pay to be without acne marks now and perhaps forever onward. Talk with your doctor about your own particular acne scars, and about the best treatments for them, so that you can finally love every inch of your skin, and perhaps show it more in your new and improved life.
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Here are ConsumerPlanetWatch, we are always on the lookout for new types of products, particularly skin care and beauty products.
So when it came time to pick the products for getting rid of acne scars, we turned to the experts on acne scar cream at for help.
The experts at believe that this cream is the best solution for the discoloration associated with bad acne scars. While not exactly products, other procedures for acne scar removal include surgeries like subcision. 80% of teens and people in their 20s experience acne issues, and 40% of these acne-sufferers wind up with unsightly scarring, and 5% of older adults with acne issues also struggle with their unsightly acne scars. Scar removal is not a do-it-yourself job, since some at-home scar removal kits and self-done dermabrasion machines can cause even worse results, injury and additional scars.
Only your dermatologist can see each scar’s type and especially the shape of the scar inside any depressions using high-powered viewing tools, so best assess your treatment options.

Your doctor may decide that indented scars can be eliminated with the simple injection of dermal fillers, such as HA fillers, collagen or other fillers to give your scars a temporary elimination that usually has to be re-treated to keep your smooth, scar-free look going. Microdermabrasion or dermabrasion can slough off layers of the affected skin to reveal new, fresh, spot-free skin after treatment and healing. Chemical peels may also be your dermatologist’s best choice for your skin’s unique challenges, and more in-depth surgical options may be your best course of action for more dramatic acne scar marks and raised surfaces. With those ‘heinous’ marks gone, their confidence goes up, their quality of life improves, and even their wardrobe choices improve since they no longer need to avoid stylish, skin-baring clothing or bathing suits. These products are often the ones with the most outlandish claims which are subjective in nature.
They really one cream in particular, but we do not want to reveal it on this site and take their thunder. People who suffer from serious acne scars often get dark purple marks on their face in addition to the classic ice pick or rolling acne scars.
Given the extreme cost, pain, and long recovery time, most people opt for over the counter home treatments for their acne scars before jumping right into a surgery like subcision.
In some cases, the resulting dark spots, pitted scars and raised scars can be so upsetting that people avoid social situations, refuse to go on dates and experience such loss of self-confidence that their careers suffer. Some are concave, some are raised, some are dark spots, and some red spots aren’t scars at all, but are in fact inflammations requiring a topical medicine that can heal the spots and prevent scars from forming. Your dermatologist will know upon looking at your acne patterns and where they exist on your body which methods are best for you. It can be hard to find the truth when evaluating these products and whether or not they work. These hypertrophic or pitted scars can be lightened with the active ingredients found in their recommended product. They might not even be as willing to participate in their kids’ school events and family get-togethers. You should visit their site to read a full review on the product including what its ingredients are and how to use the product. With their unsightly, or what they may call ‘hideous’, scarring, their quality of life is sadly diminished.
For blackheads, simpler solutions can bring relief.You have tried many face washes and pimple creams from the market without satisfactory results. You have tried face packs, home remedies, herbal remedies and every new product on the market that claims to resolve acne, but the skin is still not clear.

This is necessary because you want to start with the safest products in the first week and then if everything goes right (acne reduces, redness goes down), you move to week 2 and add in more products.The Starter Regimen combines the safest and best treatment products in India, and because of this, the cost is not taken into account. My pick, Sebamed Cleansing Foam reduces the number of bacteria from 100,000 to zero in 5 minutes.Sebamed Cleansing Foam (Rs. 630)Acne cream + ExfoliantMy pick, Triacneal is a targeted, high-performance acne treatment that contains clinically-proven acne-fighting ingredients, including Retinaldehyde, Glycolic Acid & patented Efectiose.
Blended with soothing thermal spring water to banish breakouts, clogged pores, acne-related redness & residual scarring. 1350) (Triacneal is available in these stores and these websites)SunscreenWhen using acne treatments, without a sunscreen, your skin can become even more prone to sun damage such as tanning and wrinkling. 1185 for 30 ml)Dark spot treatmentYou need it to fade away reddish and dark spots left by old pimples.Kojivit Gel (available at medical stores) Rs. 200MoisturizerYou will need a lightweight moisturiser to combat dryness and sometimes flaky skin.Sebamed Clear Face Gel (Rs.
For example, if you get pimples on your cheeks and forehead, apply a thin layer covering all of the cheeks and forehead. There could be mild stinging, but it should settle down.Extra careDuring this first week strictly avoid the temptation to add new products. If you see too much dryness the next day, use Triacneal on alternate nights.Keep out of the sun as much as possible during this week and cover the face with a thick cloth if you have to be outdoors. Otherwise the skin may tan more than usual.Starter Acne Regimen Week 2If you feel a difference in breakouts, redness and whiteheads, it is time to step up the acne regimen. The instructions for use are given on the tube.Starter Acne Regimen Week 3By now you should see a noticeable difference in acne and some difference in dark marks. Metrogyl is a topical antibiotic and members on Acne Mantra have reported good results with it. Test for any reaction first by only dotting it on a small part of the face.If the pimple has popped and there is an open wound with some blood, do not apply Triacneal. Simply wash the pimple with Sebamed Cleansing Foam and pat it dry.When will I see results?Since this is a staggered regimen, you should start to see results from the first week itself. No, the skin will not clear magically overnight, no the dark spots will not vanish instantly, but you will see a difference. The best way to measure results is to take a closeup photo of your face right before starting the regimen.

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