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Not gonna lie, I’m pretty shocked that only 13 people have entered to win the free TIU membership.
Anyway, today I want to talk about something that has become a frustrating issue for me over the last 2 years.
I use a glycolic acid cleanser, toner, and night.cream I got from The Vitamin Shoppe as well as Jojoba oil which seems to be working very well. First of all , Purity is the best face wash ever *fist bump* I have a huge sun spot from a bad burn on my forehead and tops of my cheeks!!
Sarah, this completely off topic, but I wanted to ask you a question and wasn’t sure where to go regarding that!
I dont have dark spots from any medications but I do have acne scars and my dermatologist prescribed me retin-a, which is basically just a high concentration of vitamin a that makes your skin create new cells a lot faster than it normally would. I started getting dark spots on my face, especially on my upper lip area (looks like a mustache, not cool at all) and i have had 2 facials a year since they started (about 3 years ago) Recently I have been exfoliating my face 2x a day with Proactiv (i used to just rub on and wash off, now i spend time rubbing it into my face) and using Clinique Clinical Dark Spot Corrector (about $54 for the large bottle) 2x a day. I had a patch of melasma below my eye a year ago: I had no idea what it was, but after going out in the sun, it started to spread to my other eye and my cheeks. You have to be patient, as I am only seeing results after 3 weeks but this has really worked for me.
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Step 4Smooth on your SPF 15 (or higher) sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you go outdoors. Do not use tretinoin or any of its variations (vitamin A-based topicals) if you're pregnant, as it presents risk to your unborn child. I read up on skin lightening creams that they sell in Sephora but all the reviews were mixed.
I have been contemplating trying the philosophy dark spot corrector, I might try a sample since it seems so pricey.
I haven’t tried the Miracle Worker yet, mostly due to cost, but I did purchase the Olay Definity Restorative Sleep Cream, and I do think I am seeing a lightening of my spots! I use SPF 15 in my tinted moisturizer every day and really am not spending more than an hour in the sun, if that…I prefer to workout in the gym.

A monthly program with daily fitness videos no longer than 15 minutes will have your body transformed in just 6 weeks. But you must not go in the sun with that on and don't put any thing over that on your face. If your skin is dry or sensitive, wash only at night and rinse with cool water in the morning.
Apply the alpha hydroxy lotion or the retinol product and allow another five minutes for that to absorb. Some women find that wearing makeup helps lessen the appearance of dark spots and gives them more confidence. After a couple of the steps, a glycolic acid peel was applied which tingled my skin slightly. Also I am already a TIU member (ever since your college plan video!) but I think it is an AMAZING plan.
I still get the dark spots the following summer when I go out in the sun but this at least helps take it away. My doctor told me to suck it up and deal with the spots (wear spf of course) or get off the pill which is not an option right now. I’ve also always been athletic and like staying active, so I really love the concept of eating clean meals.
But I agree the price tag is worth it rather than experimenting with different creams which never seem to work.
The spots are not gone but significantly faded to where you do not notice them after putting on my makeup.
Like another cream or sunscream and it lightens in 42 days that's more than a month if you don't go often in the sun. Montemarano of The Skin Cancer Surgery Center, facial dark spots are common in women on the birth control pill, menopausal women taking hormone replacement and pregnant women.
I have lost almost 15lbs (around 13ish) since I started, but I don’t want to lost anymore so I can keep my BMI in the healthy range.
The doctors telling me not to go out in the sun is impossible, not just the beach, but like, how do I run outside with going in the sun?!

While dark spots on the face, also known as melasma, are associated with estrogen and progesterone, they can also appear in men. I asked my doctor what it was and she informed me that the brown spots aka skin discoloration were called melasma.
I did buy one cream from Philosophy (who also makes my favorite cleanser, Purity) called Miracle Worker.
Nothing completely disappears without major dermatological help but the Lady Soma Serum has done exactly what I wanted it to do.
If you have olive or darker skin, and if your mother has it, you may develop melasma more readily, but it can happen to anyone who experiences unprotected sun exposure. It’s something that women on birth control get when they go into the sun and are not wearing enough sunscreen. This kinda worked out to my benefit since it was more focused on hyperpigmentation.  Instead of hands massaging and extracting, this vortex like tool was used to exfoliate, suck out impurities, and hydrate my skin. I have been watching your videos for a really long time, since even before you were a trainer. Also is there a way to cure the skin so I do not have to worry about walking through the park and having the dark spot come back? The good news is that it is not harmful and will fade naturally; the bad news is that it takes a long time to fade and in the meantime makes you feel unattractive. The only way to get rid of them would be to either go off the pill or stay completely out of the sun. I’m not facial expert, but I feel like it would be more valuable to spend my money on facials than creams. I began wearing 30+ SPF sunscreen daily and wearing a hat to the beach which stopped them from getting more noticeable but it didn’t help them go away. I used Ponds Clarant B3 cream for about a year every single day with no improvement of the dark spot whatsoever.

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