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Pimples are characterized by the appearance of blackheads, papules, pustules and cysts on the skin. Overview Spots and skin blemishes can be an irritating cosmetic problem, and are fairly common.
Using concealers to remove dark spots under your eyes can work overnight or as a fast solution, but without removing the causes of dark under eye spots, you are not likely to get rid of the problem. Hormonal imbalances and changes in the body can also cause dark spots to form around your eyes.
In men, less production of testosterone hormone is also known to cause dark spots on the skin around eyes. Excessive exposure to the sun, especially during summer will cause darkening around the eyes.
Other causes of black spots under eyes that you may need to treat include aging, allergy, tanning and mold. Go for the best cream for black dots around eyes.  One of the best creams and serums is Revitol Eye Cream.
Laser treatment for correcting the problem can also be used to remove the brown blemishes under eyes.
Hydroquinone topical medication can also clear dark spots on the skin surrounding your eyes. Get adequate rest and sleep for your eyes in order to treat the dark marks and spots around them. Home remedies for age spots under eyes are simple cures you prepare at home using DIY recipes. Pimples are a form of acne that occur as a skin cells and sebum combine to form a soft plug called a comedone. Soak a few cotton pads in concentrated lemon juice, and place them over the areas affected by blackheads.

In this article, learn the causes of dark age spots below eyes in men and women, how to clear dark spots around eyes and home remedies to get rid of dark spots under eyes fast. Most people who already have the problem of dark spots below their eyes may show signs of eye wrinkles developing fast.
It is said that if your parents had dark circles and spots around their eyes, then you are likely to have the same dark discolorations under eyes. This is due to the activation in the production of melanin that may cause the discoloration. Some of the discolorations marks may be caused by fatigue and lack of sleep in men as seen above. Also, stop smoking and excessive alcohol because they are known to cause patches under eyes, wrinkles and lines or circles.
Most home remedies are used to remove dark dots or dark circles that form around the eyes by rejuvenating the health of the skin beneath the eyes. See home remedies for dark circles to learn how to get rid of dark spots from under eyes naturally.
Bleaching creams, such as hydroquinone, help reduce the appearance of marks left on the face from acne pimples by breaking down the melanin pigment creating the mark and inhibiting the production of tyrosine, one of the enzymes needed to create melanin, states the New Zealand Dermatological Society. Chemical peels work on acne spots by using specialized chemicals, such as beta hydroxy acids or phenol, that cause the outer layer of your skin to peel off.
During dermabrasion your dermatologist will use an abrasive rotary tool to scrape off the outer layer of your skin. Laser resurfacing treatments use an ablative laser to direct light energy at the affected skin. The dark coloration is caused by sebum, oils and bacteria becoming trapped in the pores and oxidizing, which turns the blockages dark brown.
Allow the pads to remain there for at least five minutes, then remove them and let the skin dry.

When one has tiny dark marks below the eyes, whether they have eye bags or not, you are likely to see as if the eyes are highlighted. While this may be a sign of aging, it is possible to reduce the appearance of the dark dots and even remove the fine lines around eyes to improve the appearance of your face. The stress on the eyes leads to poor circulation, lack of rest and may even form eye wrinkles. However, below are the options you can use to clear and remove black spots under eyes effectively. Remember that adequate sleep, at least 8 hours will help get rid of dark spots under eyes fast and prevent eye bags. When skin does not heal correctly it can leave areas of hyperpigmentation in the form of dark spots on your skin.
This tool usually consists of a wire brush or a sanding wheel with particles of abrasive diamonds. In order to remove the dark spots on pimples, it is important to flush out the pores, exfoliate the skin and increase skin cell turnover so that the pores can remain clear of any entrapment.
We will discuss how to clear dark spots around your eyes below, but the following are the causes.
As your skin heals, the new skin is typically more evenly pigmented, reducing the appearance of the spots.
As new skin tissue grows to replace what is removed, it is typically more true to the actual color of your skin. The growth of new collagen fibers is also stimulated, which can give the added benefits of smoother and tighter skin.

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