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4Put on clean cotton socks and head for bed.5In the morning, take the socks off, and throw them into the wash. Sometimes, no matter how much moisturising you do, your skin looks like an imitation of the Sahara Desert-really dry.
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A variety of conditions can leave your feet feeling not baby soft, including hot or cold weather, or using your feet for practical purposes like standing up, doing things, and walking.

Do it before bed for best results!If your feet still aren't soft, buy a gallon of vinegar (any kind will do). Read these easy steps to get softer, smoother feet for free!Steps1Make sure feet your feet and toenails are clean. It's strong stuff so be sure to allow some varnish free 'rest days' if you want nails in good condition.3Put moisturiser on your feet overnight.
If this treatment does not work then you should soak your feet in warm water first so your dead skin comes off easier.

Wash them with a homemade exfoliator to remove dead skin and moisturise to add temporary softness. All moisturiser is essentially the same stuff, although some gets absorbed to the skin more easily than others.

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