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Before you even try to find solutions on how to get rid of deodorant stains, why not prevent it before it even happens?
One of the reasons why your deodorant keeps staining your shirt is because you apply too much of it on your armpits. Before you wear your clothes for the day, make sure that the antiperspirant or deodorant has already dried on your skin. Clorox -- Spot treatment is a trick that you may first try because it's the easiest among all tips.
Boric Acid -- Boric acid is used by many cleaning aficionados when dealing with deodorant stains. Hydrogen Peroxide -- Sure, you can always use chlorine bleach for your deodorant stains, but you know that chlorine bleach is not environment-friendly.
Alcohol-Based Cleaners – You may want to use cleaners based on alcohol on colored clothing. Enzymatic Cleaner – If you haven't heard of this before, it's a technique which you can use on your colored clothes. Getting rid of stains is fairly easy as long as you know what substances you need to remove them. The wardrobe malfunction — it’s a Hollywood moment that dates back to Marilyn’s breezy white midi and was revived for our generation with a rip and a nip slip from Justin to Janet at the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show.
The superstar slayed in her beaded bikini for “Anaconda,” but when she changed into a black dress for “Bang Bang” it WOULDN’T CLOSE and she had to perform the collabo holding it together. Since you work hard to pay for what you wear, you want your shirts to always be as immaculately white as possible. Just because you apply thicker amounts does not mean the deodorant will work more effectively.
Then again, it's not practical to just dispose an overpriced Banana Republic top, so you will have to look into the following tips and get your money's worth. You should do this even if you do not see a stain yet, because stains coming from deodorants don't show instantly. Using an enzymatic cleaner is wise because you will be using a product that makes use of living organisms that produce protein.
With 2014’s bodycon dresses wrapped tightly and booty shorts barely covering said booties, we were practically due for a new one, and poor Nicki fell victim at last night’s VMAs.

Double Stick Tape Strips ($10): Fashion tape is no longer Hollywood’s little secret, and thank god for THAT.
Static Guard: This is a must-have in your going out (or your at-the-office!) emergency kit for those crazy clingy fabrics that be creepin’ up your legs while you’re trying to be all demure. Dryer Sheets: Not only could these freshen up musty fabrics or keep clothing smelling fresh during your travels, but they can get rid of deodorant stains on fabric without water. Nippies ($15) and Nippies Basics ($10): You’ll never have a nip slip with these colorful (fine, fine, or nude) stickies giving you extra backup under flimsy fabrics. Use a blister stick (PS — runners, you can use Body Glide for this!) on areas where your feet will rub against straps and stash a to-go option in your bag. Bra Converting Clip ($10): This will turn any old bra into the exact type of bra you need it to be depending on your strappy dress of choice. DIY Stain Stick: If you’ve ever slurped soup or spilled wine on a new fab frock, you probably already have Tide To Go or Shout Wipes stashed in every wallet, purse and pocket imaginable.
Mini Sewing Kit ($6): This sounds like an obvious one, but if Nicki had some thread and a safety pin or two, she would have been in much better hands than the two holding her dress together, feel me? So when you find your white shirt stained with your deodorant, of course you're not thrilled.
Cold water is what you need, because the temperature will neutralize the acids that create a stain on your shirt.
To make spot treatment more efficient, treat your shirt immediately after you have finished working out at a gym. Like hydrogen peroxide, boric acid is also eco-friendly, and is a good alternative to bleach. Hydrogen peroxide is sold at drugstores, and you can buy it in two to three percent solutions.
If you do not have an alcohol-based cleaner, you can always use alcohol itself because this is a powerful solvent. You also need to know how to prevent the deodorant from staining your clothes so you wouldn't need to go through all the hassle of deodorant stain removal. Pro Tip: Break in even red carpet-worthy heels by wearing them around your house pre-event with a pair of socks. This one would be easy to DIY in an old Altoid’s tin or just by curling up some pins and thread in a piece of felt.

Avoid it next time with a pre-packed kit that includes everything from a tampon to a little bit o’ floss. When you apply thinly, you will also prevent aluminum salts and acids from getting in contact with your clothes. Before you even put your shirt in the wash, make sure that you have rinsed the armpit part well.
Together with your other white shirts, take the shirt you are spot treating and wash them all for some bleach.
It's proven effective, since humans during the ancient times already use it to clean garments. If you enjoyed learning from this article, you'll surely enjoy reading how to get stains out. You might not be guesting on any Jessie J jams any time soon, but wardrobe malfunctions happen IRL, so we want you to be protected with these essentials to keep in your fashion emergency kit at all times. Using alcohol to get rid of deodorant stains is a good idea because alcohol evaporates quickly. This way, your sweat is already digested by the enzymatic cleaner before it even becomes a stain. Make sure that your shirt is thoroughly clean, by washing it after rubbing some amount of enzymatic cleaner on the affected spot. The chemicals in a bleach are slightly corrosive, but if you really have to try the easy tactic, then using bleach is the key.
There will no smell or residue left on your shirt, although yes, it will smell bad the moment you put some alcohol on your shirt. Never mix your white shirts with the colored tops because hydrogen peroxide is not color-safe.
Don't think twice about using Baby Wipes because this product is disposable, concealable and portable.

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