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Home Remedies for Diarrhea : Diarrhea is usually characterized by frequent watery and loose stools. Herbal tea will help in reducing stomach pain associated to diarrhea and any other intestinal inflammation. Take a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, add a few drops of ginger juice (you can also use dry ginger powder available in the market) and finally add a teaspoon of honey. Avoid dairy products such as milk or certain milk products as the sugars in them tend to cause loose stools.
Symptoms usually start with nausea, stomach pain, and bloating, frequent visits to the toilet and can last from up to a few hours to a few days, depending on the factors that have triggered it. It soothes and calms irritated bowels that usually come across as the main cause of diarrhea.
Into a glass of water, add the juice of half a lemon, a pinch of each – salt, sugar and pepper. Hence, drinking plenty of water will restore hydration as well as lubricate your intestines.
Thus, they help in preventing the stool from turning too watery by absorbing excess fluids in the intestine.

This will restore all the lost nutrients and relieve the symptoms of nausea, stomachache and weakness. The loss of water from the body will make you feel weak, and exerting your body further will worsen the situation for you. When consuming yogurt or cheese for their probiotic properties, ensure consumption in small quantities. Diarrhea leaves people dehydrated and weak, and can be quite fatal if you do not get rid of diarrhea in time.
For this, you need to grate an inch of ginger, boil it in a cup of water, add honey and sip slowly. These foods are known to be less acidic and contain simple sugars that help in soothing the intestine and give you a quick relief.
You can also add lemon juice and crushed mint leaves to your drinking water if you have bad nausea.
You can the potato boiled or baked (do not add too much of oil and any hot spice) or simply consume the juice of a potato. Make sure to eat a well ripened banana as in the case of diarrhea, a ripe banana is more useful than the one that is somewhat or completely raw.

She believes in the "work hard and party harder" philosophy, and makes sure she has enough opportunities to unwind. Note: Do not drink plain water after having the ginger tea as the water may dilute the ginger concoction, thus reducing its effectiveness. Apart from this, she is a social media freak and survives on the love of her supporting husband and super naughty twin boys. This will not only relieve you from the symptoms of diarrhea but will also replenish your body with the lost nutrients. Green tea is also helpful in healing the digestive system, thus relieving you from symptoms such as nausea and bloating.

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